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Ryan Murphy’s anthology series 'American Horror Story' has been running for nine seasons. Watch these scenes before season 10 arrives.

‘American Horror Story’: Rewatch these iconic scenes before season 10

Ryan Murphy’s anthological series American Horror Story has been running for nine seasons. Luckily, we’re shortly expecting the tenth season. The horror show has been a huge success with each season crazier and more intense than the last. Co-creator Murphy has been teasing what we can expect from season 10 and periodically announcing who’s joining the cast. 

Want to recap the previous nine seasons of American Horror Story? Here are the most iconic scenes from AHS.

Trigger warning: Blood, guts, and gore!

“Poor Shelby!” (Roanoke, season 6)

Don’t lie – you’ve watched those Sarah Paulson crying compilations. Her AHS characters are iconic and this probably won’t be the only scene we show which features her impeccable acting. We get this is supposed to be sad, but it’s hard to stop laughing. 

“I don’t want a cupcake” (Freak Show, season 4)

Okay, is this turning into a Sarah Paulson dedication? If so, then we’re 100% on board. She clearly doesn’t want a cupcake! Freak Show is one of the craziest seasons from American Horror Story. Paulson plays the role of not one but two characters – conjoined sisters Bette & Dot. 

“The Name Game” (Asylum, season 2)

Briarcliff Asylum is all kinds of twisted. A favorite season for many AHS fans, but could season 10 ever replicate this iconic scene? We seriously doubt it. Jessica Lange is a legend and breaking out into song is a strange collab of Ryan Murphy’s Glee & American Horror Story

“White privilege” (Cult, season 7)

We’ve got to be honest: Cult is the best & worst season of American Horror Story. Arguably, it’s the most realistic and gives us The Purge vibes, but it’s all kinds of strange which is to be expected from the franchise. This scene perfectly captures the season as a whole – wild & wacky!

“Hotline Bling” (Hotel, season 5)

Hotel Cortez (the murder hotel) is iconic to true crime fans. Especially, to AHS fans when the popular hotel was featured in season 5 of American Horror Story. Drake’s popular song “Hotline Bling” is too catchy. We’d also find ourselves dancing if that was us. 

“Jungle Jim” (Murder House, season 1)

We couldn’t compile iconic scenes from AHS without mentioning It wouldn’t be right! This is definitely a fan favorite and has been made into numerous memes long after the season’s release. 

Madison vs. Misty (Coven, season 3)

Misty serves up a can of whoop a** on Madison after she’s resurrected. This fight requires no magic, but it wasn’t even needed. AHS Coven is definitely one of the most iconic seasons from the anthology series. 

Witches return (Apocalypse, season 8)

This season feels too close to home especially after the apocalypse from 2020. When the witches from season 3 return in season 8, we get chills! This is the crossover we all needed and wanted. 

The Night Stalker (1984, season 9) 

Seeing Richard Ramirez get the karma he deserves means this scene had to make our list. The true serial killer this character is based on was brought to justice thanks to a neighborhood collectively taking him down. 

Which American Horror Story scene is your favorite? Are you excited for season 10? Let us know in the comments.

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