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This past year has been a roadblock for the movie industry. Grab some popcorn and dive into our list of movies that came out in 2020.

Did you miss these? Check out the movies that came out in 2020

This past year has been a roadblock for the movie industry. With everyone stuck inside and movie theaters closing their doors, many of the releases of 2020 fell by the wayside despite people being in desperate need for entertainment. 

Some films were able to weather the storm, getting releases on platforms such as Disney+ or Netflix, but many movies that came out in 2020 have faded off into the void as quarantine continues due to both insufficient marketing and people’s inability to find the films through the various proxies that have appeared during these past two years. 

Luckily, they didn’t stay that way. We searched the internet and found some of the movies that came out in 2020 that are a must see (if only to pass the time as lockdown continues). Grab some popcorn and dive into our list of movies that came out in 2020. 

The Lovebirds 

Need a fun date night flick that doesn’t give you cavities? We have the movie for you! The film follows a new couple whose relationship is put to the test when, through a series of hilarious circumstances, they end up accused of murder. 

Through their journey to clear their names, they face off against the police, hardened criminals, and a few psychos. Ultimately, the biggest question of the night isn’t will they catch the person responsible, but will their relationship survive the ordeal? 

The film defies both sets of tropes for a murder mystery and a love story, with side-splitting twists & turns. Kumail Nanjiani & Issa Rae both shine here in terms of comedic delivery and serious acting moments. If you want a fun and funny film you can turn your brain off for, this is the movie to pick. 

Bill and Ted Face the Music 

Grab your guitars and your time machines, because the boys are back! Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure is not over yet, as in this film, they’re tasked with writing a song that will save the world. 

Of course, our two lovable rockstars end up causing some fun time traveling shenanigans. This time, though, they are not the only ones dimension hopping as their daughters join in on the fun, allowing for a new generation of excellence. 

The film is able to keep the fun, campy feel of the original while also updating the effects and storyline to fit a new audience. In short, if you need a rocking film, put this on your queue and get ready to face the music. 


We’ve done a few lighter films so far, but 2020 wasn’t all comedies & romances. Some more serious & terrifying films graced the screen, with no other being more timely than this last addition to our list. 

Janelle Monáe stars in this startling horror film as a successful author thrust into a strange reality where the rules of the pre-civil war antebellum south still apply. She must unravel the mystery of this horrifying place as tries to escape with her life, reminding viewers who have read it of the famous novel Kindred by Octavia Butler.  

The film’s story was a bit. . . choppy in places, but its visual appeal as well as its timeliness cannot be understated. It highlights how people of color are still very much haunted by the past and how that affects them as we move forward as a society. Give this a watch if you want a nice think piece with a few good scares. 

Know about any other movies that came out in 2020 that fell by the wayside? Drop them below in the comments so we can keep on binge watching through quarantine. 

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