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Let's take a look at how everyone celebrated BTS member, Jimin's birthday. It seems everyone around the world was excited for him.

#HappyJiminDay: How BTS and the ARMY celebrated Jimin’s birthday

BTS ARMY, Happy Jimtober! This month, we celebrate Park Jimin’s special day in fanfare & style. From merchandising to charity, this is the time where the ARMY comes together and celebrates Jimin, who is probably eating spicy food and petting some dogs & cats. Or he could be practicing his dance routine. Does BTS ever take a day off? 

From having ads in Dubai celebrating your birthday to millions & millions of shoutouts on Twitter, being in BTS has its perks. Here are some of the biggest celebrations going on for Jimin’s special day. 

Mile high birthday club

The Twitter thread above highlights how companies are going out of their way to make Jimin’s day special. The top five South Korean airlines are displaying over 255,000 magazines with his face on it. Not only that, Jimin’s face is plastered on over 30,000 cups in airplanes as we speak.

Seven million birthday tweets

Jimin’s name surpassed over seven million tweets on his birthday, including over four million commemorating his twenty-sixth birthday today. Right now, Jimin is the #1 trending topic on Twitter in over 156 countries. 

Cup sleeves for a good cause

Members of the BTS ARMY came together for an online cup sleeve event in Jimin’s honor (and with Jimin’s face on it). Proceeds went to “purchase face masks that were donated to our frontliners in the PSTMO Department of the Iloilo City Government” per Jimin’s Iloilo Twitter fan page. 

Plastered all over the airport

Jimin just became the only person in the world to have all-inclusive ad space at a shopping mall. Burj Khalifa, Dubai’s largest shopping mall, is plastered with Jimin’s face, Jimin ads, and Jimin dancing on monitors. If your bias is Jimin, being at this mall right now would be a dream come true! 

This mall is also huge. It’s over 500,000 square feet – or the size of over 50 American football stadiums. Per Somag News, Jimin’s ads will run nearly 300 times per day during Jimin’s birthday week.

Adorkable happy birthdays from bandmates

The rest of BTS wished Jimin Happy Birthday in style. From well-wishes on a napkin to candid shots, BTS left some funny, thoughtful messages for their fellow band member. 

J-Hope’s birthday tweet has to be our favorite, as we get a great moment with the two together messing around. 

Present from Billboard (via the ARMY)

It must be Jimin’s birthday! Yesterday, for the fourth year in a row, BTS picked up the Billboard Top Social Artist Award! This award is decided by the fans, and plenty of BTS ARMY members voted for BTS once again. It wasn’t all victories though – Jonas Brothers beat them for the Best Duo/Group Award. 

Well wishes from their record label

Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’s management company, tweeted a letter wishing Jimin well on his big day. They said it best, too – “There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to wishing you a happy birthday” 😍😎

Whichever way Jimin is celebrating his special day, whether he’s working to bring his fans the tightest dance routines ever, or if he’s chilling at home with a bowl of spicy stew or kimchi (two of his favorites), we hope he’s having a great day. 

Is Jimin your bias? Did you wish him a happy birthday on Twitter? Let us know (especially if he wrote back)!

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  • Happy birthday jimin wish u d best in all u do 😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

    October 16, 2020

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