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BTS ARMY, can you draw? These fans sure can! Check out the best BTS drawings online right now, from chibi to realism.

BTS ARMY’s Got Talent: Check out their latest drawings

Bts drawings are plastered across the web. It seems that gazing at the thousands of BTS photos is just not enough for ARMY. They need more and more BTS content to fill their eyeballs so they’ve done what every hardcore fan does and have found a way to express their stan love to new and creative epic proportions. 

What do you do if you can’t see more images of the faces you adore? Create images of your own, of course. And no. We’re not talking about the fantastical images in the mind’s eye of your favorite fanfic. A large portion of ARMY has put their drawing skills to the test to see if they can capture the beauty that is BTS. 

We’d say they did a pretty great job too. 

Look at the details on this drawing 

RM looks great in this kimono-style coat. We’re living for the autumn palette of this BTS drawing and all the intricate details. The way he looks back is such a signature RM face and we’re loving the long hair look for him. 


One person commented, “THE CROP TOP, THE PIERCING, THE GLASSES, THE TATTOOS, THE FISHNETS!!!! SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!” We’d say that about sums up our feelings on this work of art too. Happy Jimtober. 

Pure emotion 

This drawing is so simple yet so filled with emotion. We wonder what Kim Taehyung is crying about. Maybe he had to force an “I love you” out of Suga again. After all, Yoongi’s infamous for withholding his love from our gumdrop V

A lovely BTS scene 

We love the way this drawing is panned out to include the whole scene. It is obviously inspired by one of BTS’s most recent songs, “Dynamite.” The artist did a great job of capturing the soft lighting. 

A wonderful photo re-creation 

We love how this artist took a silly pic Kookie snapped in his hoodie and turned it into a Victorian masterpiece. From the smear on Jungkook’s chin to capturing his goofy expression, this artist did a great job. 

Throwback drawing time! 

If you can guess what this Taehyung chibi is based on you’re a true ARMY. 

A stellar drawing of Jungkook as a vampire. 

Vampire angst plus Jungkook glow? Sounds good to us. Remember when every teenage girl was obsessed with whether they’d date a werewolf or a vampire? Those who used to be in the werewolf camp might have just switched to the enemy camp.

Here’s some Jin love 

Jin doesn’t get enough love from ARMY at times. Hopefully he’s pleased with lunar tribute. The shadowing in this drawing is great and the way Jin sort of melds with the black of the background was genius. Nice work! 

This drawing of Hobi in booty shorts is dropping jaws 

Not only is the movement in this drawing so realistic, but the wardrobe adjustment deserves some kudos. What a wild transformation – and we can’t say ARMY’s complaining. The colorful sock details are the icing on the cake. 

So like wikiFeet, but only for V’s hands 

This ARMY admired Kim Taehyung’s hands so much they did a figure study on it. As far as hands go, they are pretty gorgeous. We love that this artist chose poses of V’s hands with all types of jewelry on them. Five stars for zeroing in on a BTS fanart niche. 

One more drawing for Jimtober 

This one might be our favorite. The way the cutout allows the drawing to look like it’s blending in with the real life background is absolutely stunning. Also, you can never go wrong with a before and after transformation. To be honest, this BTS fanart seems more like magic than a drawing. Bravo on the detail! It must’ve taken forever to cut out. 

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