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Is BTS heartthrob J-Hope single or seeing someone? Here's everything we know on the subjects right now.

Love in ‘Hope World’: Is BTS’s J-Hope seeing someone?

J-Hope, otherwise known as Jung Hoseok or the nickname “Hobi,” is a member of the wildly popular K-pop boyband, BTS. K-Pop band BTS is known around the world and is considered the most successful groups out there. J-Hope is one of seven members of the boyband and known for his cutesy personality. 

BTS is widely known for their amazing talent, daring fashion choices, and loveable personalities. The BTS ARMY is one of the strongest fanbases out there. Many consider the ARMY as passionate and overly enthusiastic – but can you blame them?

With messages of self-love and spreading mental health awareness in their music, it’s easy to see why BTS is loved worldwide. Is BTS’s J-Hope currently dating someone? Let’s find out.

Who is J-Hope?

J-Hope is a South Korean rapper who made his debut with BTS in 2013. Before making headlines with BTS, J-Hope performed in a street dance team known as Neuron. The ARMY were quick to fall in love with J-Hope’s energetic & adorable personality. J-Hope often sets the mood within BTS with his big personality, cheering everyone up when they’re down. 

J-Hope also entered the solo artist world with Hope World in 2018. The release debuted at number sixty-three on the Billboard 200 chart, and peaked in popularity at number thirty-eight. This boosted J-Hope and his career, allowing him to become the highest-ranking Korean solo artist ever.

BTS’s main dancer J-Hope is also known for his kind heart and philanthropy. J-Hope donated the equivalent of $84,000 USD to the Green Umbrella Children’s Fund. The donation was aimed at providing financial assistance to children in low-income households who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

J-Hope’s love life

Sometimes it’s hard for fans to see their idols dating someone. However, seeing them happy is worth the price of our hearts breaking. BTS are known for keeping their dating lives private. Even with any romance under wraps, fans have still been curious about the BTS boys and their love lives. 

BTS member J-Hope has also kept his relationships quiet, but has given us little hints as to his past romances. In an episode of Rookie King, J-Hope began performing Dynamic Duo’s song “Solo,” but not before stating that the song reminded him of an ex-girlfriend. According to sources, the ex-girlfriend left J-Hope heartbroken after ditching him for another boy. 

According to Hobi, his ideal girl is someone who cares about others while having an interest in cooking or reading. Come on ladies, any takers?

Currently, J-Hope isn’t linked to anyone romantically and is enjoying the single life as a successful K-pop artist. During J-Hope’s birthday this year, he made a wish on his birthday candles that could signify he’s ready to meet someone. “My goal for this year is not something grand, but to be a precious person to someone.” We hope it’s in the cards for the successful musician. 

Do you have any ideas on a potential romantic interest for BTS member J-Hope? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Honestly, if J-Hope was going to date anyone, I hope it is Mamamoo’s Solar, or ITZY’s Yeji! (OR MEEE!!!!) – Mochi Meow Meow!

    October 12, 2020
    • To Mochi Meow Meow: I get that you love J-hope, but why the hell would you ship two idols together. They have their own lives, and have you ever considered….THEY HAVE NO FEELINGS FOR EACHOTHER! This is why idols can never interact with other. Because of people like you, idols have a hard time interacting with others because fans always assume. I absolutely adore BTS! However, I will never disrespect their personal lives like that. Stop being delusional about “ships”. I have no issue with them dating. They have their own lives. However, I think that fans should stay out of their dating life, they shouldn’t be shipped with other idols(its rude and probably makes the uncomfortable). If he does end up dating, Amazing!!! I’ll be so happy if they can find someone who is for them! Remember, idols have their own, don’t be shipping them with idols that hardly interact with them. No disrespect with this.

      October 13, 2020
      • Hey Claudia,
        Please calm down Mochi obviously didn’t mean any harm by this and was simply just trying to speak their own opinion, it doesn’t mean that its going to happen. So can you please leave messages like this to yourself and not be a keyboard hero.

        October 13, 2020
      • @Claudia Ramirez
        I totally agree with you and i hope all Army can feal the same, because we love BTS we have to pray for one wish, that each of them would meat a sincere, loving and devooted person who can love them for themselfs only. If no fame, no money she would keep by their side forever and NEVER look at any other men, someone who would they woulf feel comfort and trust her for their nest, having their babies and raise them eligently. My bigest fear that they fall for some shallow deceiving look, i want them to be happy because deserve it and because they make me happy.

        October 14, 2020
  • Jhope I’m free what your kind of ideal type is perfect for me I honestly love to read books and only love you because of who you are Jhope, I honestly started liking you because your a funny guy a girl could ever I mean I hope your wish comes true(mines too) Any girl who would leave you for another guy there just not meant for you but if you leave them maybe it’s because they weren’t making you happy enough I would do anything for you jhope honestly I love you and your funny personality especially your cuteness and most of all because of who you are I hope you see this -it doesn’t matter how your looks are or how you act it’s about who you really are in the inside your beautiful in and out no matter what and I hope to see your future beautiful wife someday if I ever get to see you in fan meeting soon:) jhope always be happy and never give up on your dream never give up on love it’s important (my dream is to become a artist and I’m not giving up ima try my hardest) -you love me I love you, you get to know my heart better😊

    ~🌟Our HeartBreats are in a sync
    •your getting to know my heart too
    •I wanna keep this going so..
    ~I like you like I like to dance so your my love❤️🌟

    October 13, 2020
  • I would support anyone Jhope dates. Even if she’s a non celebrity. All I care about is Hobi’s happiness and comfort! That goes the same for all the BTS members… so I hope Sasaengs don’t bash out at Hobi for dating like few exo-ls did at Chen for having a girlfriend and a baby!

    October 30, 2020
  • date me j hope i love your voise

    January 31, 2021

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