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Drake won the hearts of the crowd when he debuted his three-year-old kid yesterday. Get ready to go “awww” over Drake and his adorable kid Adonis. 

BTS's hit song "Dynamite" is still top of the charts. Here’s where you can watch BTS light it up with performances of “Dynamite.”

When BTS took the digital stage at the Billboard Music Awards, the ARMY immediately recognized a sad yet touching reference to BTS' postponed tour.

Western award shows tend to be pretty focused on English speaking performers. What will it take for them to recognize BTS and K-pop more widely?

Where would BTS be without their army of fans? Here's how the BTS ARMY sent BTS to the top of the Twitter charts.

Let's take a look at how everyone celebrated BTS member, Jimin's birthday. It seems everyone around the world was excited for him.

Can BTS beat out an American band at the Billboard Music Awards? Learn who else is nominated and about the stiff competition.

The Coronavirus has caused a lot of events for 2020 to be canceled. We've compiled a list of the events we're missing the most right now.