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Drake won the hearts of the crowd when he debuted his three-year-old kid yesterday. Get ready to go “awww” over Drake and his adorable kid Adonis. 

Drake’s kid makes his first public appearance: Aww over the clip

Drake didn’t just win the award for artist of the decade at the Billboard Music Awards yesterday – he also won the hearts of the crowd when he accepted the award accompanied by his three-year-old kid Adonis Graham. 

This is the first time Drake’s kid has appeared, leaving social media scrambling over his cuteness as well as his existence. The cuteness was elevated to insane heights when Drake dedicated the award to his adorable kid, saying “I’ve spent an incalculable amount of hours trying to analyze all the things I did wrong, but tonight, for once, I’m sure as hell we did something right. I want to dedicate this award to you.” 

Naturally, Twitter exploded over the awwww inspiring moment (see what we did there). We cooed through the threads and found the best reactions to the moment. Get ready to go “awww” over Drake and his adorable kid Adonis. 

Late to the party 

We didn’t know either, but we agree he’s adorable! 

 No parts

He was probably not a fan of suddenly being airborne. 

Making fun 

*Cracks knuckles* 

So cute! 

You need to add more blushy emojis to capture how cute Adonis is. 

No idea! 

Yeah, we all missed that memo . . . 

 Dedicated to you 

He’s three years old, so we think he’s not a fan of a lot of music that isn’t the Wiggles

Helpful links 

Gotta love it when people relink videos. Always helpful for finding more cute moments like this one! 


Focus on the cuteness, dude, not the hate. 


It really was! 

Moment of realization 

The shock on his little face is too cute! 

What was your reaction to Drake’s debut of his kid? Drop them below in the comments so we can keep cooing over Adonis! 

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