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Is Billie Eilish in a career flop right now after her newest song "NDA"? Take a dive and see what Twitter thinks about Eilish.

Billie Eilish signs an NDA: Why don’t fans approve of her newest song?

Billie Eilish is something of a controversial figure right now. Between the much older boyfriend, the racist things he’s been caught saying, and the also racist things she’s been caught saying, it’s definitely the downswing in terms of Eilish’s career. After being the darling of the music industry, people are definitely souring on her, which is probably not the best for her next album.

Eilish released her latest song “NDA” on Friday. While many are claiming that Eilish is in her “flop” era of her music, the video is going strong. It currently has about 12 million views with one million likes on the video and 27,000 dislikes. Clearly, Eilish has to be doing something right with her newest song. So how do people really feel about “NDA”? Time to dive into Twitter to see the Internet’s thoughts on the newest song from Eilish.



So the whole thing was about her boobs?


Do you play, Billie? 

Okay, the newest song does sound like it should be playing when you’re playing Among Us.


Peter Pan syndrome but, like, for the audience

Could it be that people are just not happy that she’s growing up?


Circular logic, but fair

If she is flopping, then why are you talking about her?


Up the charts

Despite all the controversies and everything, she’s still selling.


No one has called it a flop except, uh, TikTok

Seriously though . . . her next album is doing really well????


The hate is pretty big

We’re pretty sure Billie apologized for those less than great comments. 


We feel like this should have been said in Mean Girls

That is one way to respond to the haters, Billie.


Are we of differing opinions here? 

Her newest song? What do you think about it? 


Looks like the internet wants her to stay . . .

Could you hate someone out of a career? 

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