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Uh-oh. A new picture might have gotten Billie Eilish in trouble. Is the popular singer dating a racist homophobe? Dive into the sea of speculation!

Billie Eilish the racist? Why a picture with her BF is starting trouble

Billie Eilish is in the news today, as headlines lit up across the board concerning the young star’s sexuality and a possible new relationship. The news comes as fans respond to recent photos of Eilish with a possible boyfriend, surprising those who were under the impression the artist was gay. Regardless of her alleged partner’s sex, fans aren’t too happy with Eilish’s choice in partner.

Twitter lit up this week with responses to the Billie Eilish situation not because of one picture of her and her possible new beau Matthew Tyler Vorce, but several. 

The two were seen attending Disneyland together, with one picture showing Eilish feeding Vorce a snack in what many saw as an indicator of the two’s relationship. Furthermore, a picture of Vorce’s old tweets & Facebook posts have Twitter in an uproar as many see Eilish linking with Vorce as hypocritical to the presumed progressive artist.

You like girls

TMZ reported today that a great deal of the Billie Eilish fan club are throwing away their proverbial membership cards, as Twitter lit up with the hashtag #youlikegirls Sunday following surfaced photos of Eilish & Vorce. 

The publication points out there has been speculation about Billie Eilish falling on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and Eilish linking up with a boy made some feel the artist was queerbaiting LGBTQ+ fans. The speculation comes from the video for Eilish’s latest single, “Lost Cause” in which Eilish can be seen “dancing in somewhat suggestive fashion with other women”.

Furthermore, after Eilish dropped the video, she posted a picture set on Instagram of herself snuggling with a group of women, with the caption “I love girls”. Okay, I think we understand fans’ case for queerbaiting (although it’s based on total unmitigated speculation), but why does a picture of Billie Eilish and her supposed new flame Matthew Vorce have people thinking Eilish might be a racist?

Vorce the villain

The Daily Dot reported today that fans’ continued distaste for Billie this week comes from what her alleged BF posted to social media back in the day. Vorce, who is ten years Eilish’s senior, has his name attached to time-stamped Twitter & Facebook posts from the early 2010s with some cringey if not totally homophobic & racist remarks.

The screenshots said to come from Vorce’s accounts haven’t been verified, but the posts are pretty brutal. In the screencaps, Vorce calls women sluts, uses the N-word, as well as doles out homophopbic slurs. Twitter user @defnoodles posted the picture with the alleged screenshots, all ranging from 2011 to 2017.

Literally made up

As a result of the recent tea about Eilish linking up with Vorce, fans are not only upset about the artist’s hetero relationship, but also because the man she may be with appears to be a racist homophobe. 

Eilish has claimed to be an ally, and if the rumors about Vorce are true, she’d be outing herself as complacent to his bigoted behavior. However, we aren’t even certain if Vorce & Eilish are dating.

Reports say nothing has been confirmed as far as the romance between Billie Eilish & Matthew Vorce. However, it has been pointed out that Eilish’s brother & mother follow Vorce on Instagram

Eilish has yet to respond to her fanbase’s recent outrage, which began even before the photos surfaced, when the alleged couple’s age gap was uncovered. However, reports say Eilish did like an Instagram post saying her fans were “embarrassing” for reacting to something “literally made up”.

Do you think the rumors are true, or would Billie never do you like that? Is Vorce a villain or do these fans need to stop calling him the bad guy? Sound off in the comments below!

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