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The problems of Billie Eilish’s boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce, are surely getting in the way. Why are fans furious about her dating life?

Billie Eilish has really been switching it up on her fans. Does this latest sexy Instagram prove she's entering a new era?

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Coming out of quarantine, you definitely need a new 'do! Look like your favorite celeb and stay fashion-forward with these incredible haircuts!

Billie Eilish was caught using a racist slur. Let’s take a look at what the “ocean eyes” singer had to say about the shocking TikTok video.

Is Billie Eilish queerbaiting? See why some netizens are criticizing her newest song "Lost Cause" while others are defending Eilish's work.

"Xanny" singer Billie Eilish is in some serious hot water over some racist comments that she and her boyfriend appeared to have made. Yikes.

Uh-oh. A new picture might have gotten Billie Eilish in trouble. Is the popular singer dating a racist homophobe? Dive into the sea of speculation!

Billie Eilish stoked the flames of controversy when she posed for Vogue. Learn more about the photoshoot here.