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No members of BTS are getting married in 2020, but that didn't stop them from proposing with earbuds in a recent commercial.

Is BTS getting married in 2020? Inside the video that broke the ARMY

Time and time again, we’ve looked into BTS’s dating lives, trying to figure out who their soulmate is. Every single time, we’ve learned BTS has eyes for one set of people: their beloved ARMY. The relationship between BTS and their ARMY has grown exponentially in 2020, even while the two groups are separated due to COVID-19. 

Just look at all the records BTS has broken in 2020 thanks to their dedicated fanbase. BTS has never been bigger than in 2020 thanks to ARMY, so BTS is giving back by getting down on one knee. No, this isn’t a joke. 

In a teaser for their upcoming holiday campaign with Samsung, all seven members of BTS were filmed getting down on one knee and proposing to the camera. Instead of a diamond ring though, the boys are getting their ARMY something better: BTS themed Galaxy Buds+.

BTS x Samsung

If you’re one of the few people still watching cable TV in 2020, you know you cannot escape BTS’s various Samsung commercials. Promoting the latest Galaxy model, the commercials feature BTS’s big English hit “Dynamite” as the phones dance along to the song. Some commercials even feature the boys on the phone screen while scrolling through social media.

As part of their collaboration with Samsung, BTS also released a special version of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G. Available in the iconic haze purple, the limited-edition phone featured the BTS logo engraved into the back of the phone, with a tiny purple heart on the camera. 

No surprise, the phone quickly became one of Samsung’s most popular products of 2020 thanks to the BTS touches. On top of the exclusive phone, Samsung sent out seven exclusive photos of the boys. Also downloaded to the phone were exclusive live wallpapers and lock screens featuring BTS’s logo.

But wait, there’s more! 

However, Samsung knew the phone would sell out quickly, and made a second present for ARMY: purple Galaxy Buds+ designed by BTS. Similar to Apple AirPods, the Galaxy Buds are wireless earbuds that come with their own specialty charging case. 

Also released in the exclusive haze purple color, the BTS version of the earbuds feature both the purple heart and BTS logo on the earbuds. The charging case also features the BTS logo in its full glory.

“Say Yes to Galaxy Buds”

Naturally, Samsung had to make a big impression on the ARMY to convince them to drop $200 on wireless earbuds. Marking the start of their 2020 holiday campaign, Samsung posted a short video to their social media featuring BTS promoting the specialty earbuds.

With “Make it Right” playing in the background, all seven boys pop open a case showing the full range of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds line. While they would love for ARMY to drop money on the BTS-exclusive pair, the video also promotes the rest of the Galaxy Buds family.

One big wedding

While the ARMY already knew about the BTS Galaxy Buds+, the video featuring the boys proposing was definitely loved by ARMY. In a year where BTS had very little social interaction with their fans, 2020 is ending on a high note for ARMY.

Almost immediately after the clip dropped on Twitter, fans had made gif after gif of the proposal to use for their own needs. ARMY was freaking out both over the video and the idea of proposing with earbuds. We gathered some of our favorite reactions here for you to take a look at. 

Having OT7 as a bias is hard

Who knew we’d actually have to choose which one we’d want to marry one day?!

The running of the brides, grooms, and non-binary folk

Truly, we should all be fearful of how large a BTS group wedding would be. 

We see through your strategy… Even if we’re falling for it

Look, we need to give serious credit to Samsung: this is the genius way to sell these earbuds. 

So where’s the ring?

We’re waiting, BTS! The least you can do to make our 2020 better is give us a real proposal. 

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  • 🤣🤣🤣. This world will not kill me with laughter. If the BTS are going to propose it should be someone that they are dating. No offense am just a big fan.

    October 27, 2020
  • Yeah I’m just a fan but that sounds so cute and not just because their bts but they are like brothers to us all. They make more music videos and like with ON YouTube took like 1 million views off it like are they jealous but I would love to marry you to bts love Frome army

    October 27, 2020

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