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After a long wait and endless bickering some incredibly small stimulus checks are being sent out. The internet roasted them with memes.

They’re *finally* coming! The best memes about the new stimulus check

After months of anticipation, the second stimulus check is finally on its way, boosting your account with a lump sum that will pretty much get you a ham sandwich with a side of waffle fries. Oh, well. Anger typically leads to the best meme content anyway, right? 

That’s right, folks. Thanks to Mitch McConnell, you can kiss that $2,000 stimulus check goodbye and look forward to a $600 check in its place. 

For reasons we may never understand, the new and much lower stimulus check will be making its way to U.S. citizens in the upcoming days. It’s hard to think that people aren’t excited about this stimulus check, so we went ahead and found some of the best stimulus check memes on Twitter to lighten everybody’s spirits. 

Too little, too late

Let NBA legends Yao Ming & Shaquille O’Neal represent how dwarfed a $600 stimulus check feels in comparison to life’s expenses. 

Not that we’re short-shaming comedian Kevin Hart. #NewYearNewUs

A stimulus check for ants!

Derek Zoolander won’t be doing any posing over the size of this stimulus check. To be fair, the real stimulus check should’ve been at least “three times the size!”  

Pure procrastination

Considering Mitch McConnell’s history of making interesting decisions that affect the rest of the country, we wouldn’t be surprised if this “factory” visit served as the next bright idea of the McConnell era. 

Sorry, Mitch, but we ain’t interested in tasting what you’re cooking up. 

Christmas STAYcation

At least Clark’s “Jelly of the Month” club was a year-round gift, right? 

Were we really surprised that this Christmas Vacation meme was the first one used once we heard the $600 value of the stimulus checks given the months we’ve been waiting for it?  

Trade-in value

We’re not even positive that this current stimulus package will get us that Chinese finger-trap we’ve been eyeballing upon entry. Well, at least we can enjoy somebody else’s reheated pizza

We’ve been clowned

The new stimulus check may get us the new iPhone . . . the same one Logan Paul will destroy in a .7 second clip on his next vlog. 

Only in America, friends. 

The Mad Titan

The only thing Mitch McConnell will be passing out is his infinity stones. 

Correction: kidney stones. 

Staying home for the holidays

Sorry about that “C”, Ralphy boy. Forgive us for dealing with our own current demons

Tight squeeze

Oh, OK! So THAT’s what that pocket is for! 

Heads will roll

We do NOT promote suicide, primarily because this new stimulus check has already left most of us dead inside.   

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  • Thank You LORD for this little itty bitty stimulus check. Its 2 weeks after a fake christmas I don’t celebrate anyway. But I can afford to buy a few New Year’s gifts for my pham. This amount of money cannot really stimulate the economy because by the time you pay a few bills, necessities, gifts and prayerfully a blazing order of pizza the money could be gone. So if your smart you will try to hold onto every dingle last copper penny Amen RA🌅

    January 4, 2021

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