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The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the latest innovative phone to come from Apple. Here are the specs from Apple's latest gadget.

Fresh release: Check out the specs for the iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the latest innovative phone to come from Apple. It has many of the same new & impressive features of the other iPhone 12s (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini). However, the Pro Max features certain perks unavailable in the other versions.

If you’re looking to buy a new iPhone, but aren’t sure which version is best for you, these are the specs for the iPhone 12 Pro Max that could make it the best option. 

Everything is bigger

The most noticeable feature that separates the Pro Max from the other iPhone 12s is its gigantic screen, the largest ever featured on an iPhone. It is a 6.7-inch OLED screen, 0.2 inches larger than the screen on the iPhone 11 Pro Max and XS Max. This gives the Pro Max a slim, but tall, look. The screen also has great high-definition graphics, making games, videos, and photos look crisp & clear. 

However, with its massive size, it may be hard to fit the iPhone 12 Pro Max in your pocket. It’s almost like carrying around an iPad Mini. The phone battery is also bigger than the iPhone 12 Pro’s: the Pro Max’s battery is an especially large, L-shaped battery storing a whopping 14.13 Wh. In comparison, the Pro only sports a 10.78 Wh battery. 

On Apple’s website, it’s claimed the Pro Max can play a looped video for up to twenty hours. So load up that looped video and zone out, br0. 

More camera features

All four iPhone 12 headsets feature the same ultrawide angles, selfie cameras, and faster f1.6 aperture lens on the main wide-angle camera. The 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max both have a lidar sensor, which allows for better autofocus in low light for photos & videos. They both also possess a third rear camera with a telephoto lens; however, the telephoto lens on the Pro Max is longer. 

The 65-millimeter-equivalent telephoto lens on the Pro Max has a 2.5x optical zoom. The Pro has a 52-millimeter-equivalent telephoto lens which has a 2x optical zoom. The Pro Max is also able to take much better photos in medium- or low-light environments. The Pro Max has a larger sensor than the other phones, which allows for this lighting upgrade. 

The new sensor on the Pro Max gets an 87% improvement in low-light capability and features optical image stabilization (OIS) instead of the lens-based OIS found on the other versions of the iPhone 12. Apple claims that by stabilizing the sensor, the cameras gain the equivalent of an entire stop of light. 

While the Pro Max could be unnecessarily large for consumers, the larger size appears to benefit the camera, which can be important for those looking for the phone with the very best camera on the market. 

Apple A14 chip

All of the iPhone 12s are powered by the A14 chip, which was designed as the most powerful processing unit on any phone on the market. Apple states that this little CPU performs up to 40% faster than the A12, while the graphics processing unit (GPU) is up to 30% faster than the A12. 

The A14 chip is also designed to hold up after years of new upgrades. (Apple phones have been known to perform slightly worse after each new upgrade that comes out every year.)

The iPhone 12 Pro Max appears to be impressive in many ways. While its size may be intimidating for some, the power of its battery and the improved camera could be a deciding factor when looking to buy a new iPhone.


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