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While we wish no death or harm on the reptilian-looking Senate Majority leader, Twitter isn't holding back. Here are hilarious Mitch McConnell memes.

Savage memes: Mitch McConnell is Twitter’s least favorite senator

Whether you know him as Moscow Mitch or Turtle Man, it wasn’t too surprising when KY Senator Mitch McConnell blocked the $2,000 stimulus checks. 

After U.S. President Donald Trump demanded Americans receive a $2,000 stimulus check instead of the measly $600 in the new COVID stimulus bill, the Democrat-majority House of Representatives quickly voted it in. It was one of the most surprising alliances in U.S. history. Alas, it didn’t come to pass. 

Lumbering into the Senate, the turtle man himself, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, blocked those sweet, sweet stimulus checks that could’ve helped us with rent with evictions looming or paid our outstanding health care costs. Instead, we’re getting stiffed and Twitter’s not having it. 

While we wish no death or harm on the reptilian-looking Senate Majority leader, Twitter is not holding back. Here are the most savage memes Twitter threw out in response to Mitch McConnell’s block. 

How it started

We really imagine this was Mitch McConnell’s reaction to Trump’s declaration. 

Under the bus

While it wasn’t terribly surprising Mitch McConnell would throw the stimulus bill under the bus, it stung. 

Do the math again

This guy is getting paid how much to say $2K is too much for everyday Americans? 

Even the right hates him

And by right, we don’t mean the establishment right. But the heat he got on Twitter for his alleged connection to China & the CCP?  Guess the left isn’t the only one calling McConnel “Moscow Mitch”. 


Bringing out science to show how much of an a$#hole you think someone is.

It’s on! 

You know it’s serious in December 2020 when Twitter brings out the Twisted Tea.

Twisted Tea meme forever

Yeah, Twitter isn’t letting Mitch McConnell escape the Twisted Tea meme now. 

Hammer time

Twitter’s even bringing in Thor with his mighty Twisted Tea hammer. 

What in the Patrick Star? 

Whoever on Twitter put Patrick star in a blender with Spongebob’s cheap boss, Mr. Krabs is paying for the bleach we need to wash our eyes with! We see the resemblance though. 

Turtle Man

Oh, the classic! Twitter’s long decided that Mitch McConnell looks like a turtle

Tis the Season

You’re a mean one, Mr. Mitch (McConnell)! And Twitter thinks so too! 

Your Mama was right about some things! 

Ah, a face only a mother can love! And those teeth! If you make Mitch McConnell’s salary, can’t you afford to go to the dentist? 

See you in Hell! 

As Twitter netizens make their way through the brimstone gates of Hell, we know Mitch McConnell will be the first person they look for. 

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