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Taco Bell will be saying goodbye to longtime faves. Here are some of the best Taco Bell memes to get you through this difficult time.

RIP Mexican Pizza: The best memes about Taco Bell menu changes

Taco Bell is not real Mexican food, but it is the best food to eat when you’re drunk and/or high and just want something that’s absolutely garbage for your system. It’s the siren call to frat bros and stoners alike with the cheap deals and menu of variety. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s time to pour some out for long-standing Taco Bell faves. They’re making some menu changes.

According to a press release from the fast food chain, they will be saying goodbye to longtime faves such as Mexican pizza, their spicy potato items, Pico de Gallo and Shredded Chicken, and Shredded Chicken Soft Taco. With this wind of change, people are taking to Twitter to share their shock and grief through memes. 

Here are some of the best Taco Bell memes to get you through this difficult time. 

1. Where things are heading

Be careful, lovers of Taco Bell. They’re onto you.

2. Stop changing the menu!

Do you have no shame, Taco Bell? Will Baja Blast and crunchy tacos be all that is left when you are done with your culling?!

3. Losing Mexican pizza has made this personal

Square up, Taco Bell, we’re going to fight. 

4. Read the room, Taco Bell!

2020 has been such a freaking horror show. Why do you have to take away our potatoes and our Mexican pizza too?! 

5. Get ready to throw down

She’s not wrong. Your mom is a ho and you probably weren’t hugged enough as a child.

6. Literally no one asked for this

Who hurt you, Taco Bell?

7. What are you keeping?

We have a feeling that that list would be way, way shorter.

8. Pour one out for the Mexican Pizza

It’s a truly difficult time for us all. Like, seriously, 2020 has been the worst, but this is probably the breaking point for a lot of people. 

9. They’re right and they should speak the truth

RIP to Orange Hi-C from McDonald’s as well since we’re here.

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