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Twitter is full of some wild shock memes and gifs that will surely leave Pikachu's jaw dropped. Care to laugh out loud with us and check them out?

You’ll make a surprised Pikachu face when you see these shock memes

Pikachu’s jaw isn’t the only face that drops after witnessing some of the better shock memes & gifs on Twitter, as the human race and the world’s creatures are capable of many odd & mysterious things. Care to check out some of the more surprising things we found on Twitter? Sit down, don’t spill your coffee, and come check out the best shock memes on Twitter that will surely leave you surprised as well as eye rolling. 

Special delivery 

Pizza man got some skills. 

Shock memes are a wonderful thing

Men, you’re not allowed to combine inches here. 

Interacial wedding

We support mixing black & white, regardless of these consequences.

Putin is for the birds

Apparently in these shock memes, Vlad can be rad!

Evolution of revolution

Pikachu would surely drop their jaw for this one. 

Ping me

Quarantine led to the inception of some weird pickup methods.


A deserving fit on this list of shock memes. Sadly, we bet this guy only makes minimum wage . . . 

Christmas training

When Santa’s reindeer miss the cut, they work out in the offseason to be better than ever for these shock memes. 

The karate kid

Being a parent has to be frustrating. 

Good God

Kids say the darndest things. 

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