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'Yu-Gi-Oh' unveils its upcoming video game 'Master Duel'. Make our move by looking at these memes.

‘Yu-Gi-Oh!: Master Duel’: Celebrate the release with these relatable memes

Ah Yu-Gi-Oh. We all remember when card games decided the fate of the world and the power of friendship saved the day. You can’t hear the phrase “the heart of the cards” without a fond hysteria settling over you. For some reason, Ancient Egypt was involved. Because that made sense. The series has been abridged and given life via memes along with its other media.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Master Duel is an upcoming simulator where, well, you can play Yu-Gi-Oh without worrying about in-person contact. Naturally, however, the time for Yu-Gi-Oh memes is nigh! So let’s enjoy some of the weirdest ones that we can find! 


Unleash the inner killer

It’s really amazing how people jump to murder in these series.


It never stopped

The OG Yu-Gi-Oh was frankly a meme goldmine.


This doesn’t happen IRL

People are playing a card game at stadiums in these series.



And now it’s time for duel pets! Sounds about right.


The true cost of living

You never lived until you’ve seen a fistfight at a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament.


The franchise brings the passion

Someone’s having a moment, huh?


Vast & unknowable

Seriously. There’s a fan for everything.


We’re all messed up

He’s what now?!



On a non-meme related note, it is surprising it took this long.


Dang . . . 

It’s amazing people are talking about this academically.


Not the best option

Yu-Gi-Oh card at least has cute options, to be fair.

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