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Rick Astley is back in crystal clear 4K resolution – he never gave up on us! Let’s usher in a new age of Rickrolling with these brilliant Rick Astley memes.

4K Rick Astley memes: “Never Gonna Give You Up” is remastered

Internet surfers of the late ‘00s know of the Rick Astley meme all too well – the king of the classic bait-&-switch trick. Rick Astley’s iconic “Never Gonna Give You Up” song was and is a hilarious way to tease eager & gullible internet clickers. 

The prank, which coined the term “Rickrolling”, became so mainstream that Rick Astley himself even showed up at the 2008 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with a surprise performance to Rickroll the world. 

Rick Astley memes slowly faded into the background as meme sharing developed over the years, but we’re here to announce that Rick Astley is back – he never gave up on us. (Even though lent was yesterday.) Thanks to video enhancement technology, Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” has been remastered into a crystal clear video with 4K resolution at 60 fps. 

Let’s usher in a new age of Rickrolling by sharing these brilliant Rick Astley memes trending on Twitter. (Rick Astley, please know we appreciate you and your career!

Welcome back Rick

We can’t be more relieved to see that Rick Astley memes are trending for a good reason. Sometimes we all just need to hear that he’ll never give up on us, let us down, run around and desert us, make us cry, say goodbye, tell a lie or hurt us. Why isn’t he running for office?

The crystal clear remastery isn’t just a throwback & renewal – it’s also an opportunity to recognize some of the talented dancers like this guy. Look at that backflip! D@mn. 

The lent jokes are golden – we sure hope Rick Astley doesn’t celebrate lent. We don’t know what we’d do without his unwavering support in these last two decades.  

Is Rick Astley remastered cursed?

Some aren’t so jovial about the 4K Rick Astley remaster – in fact, the video came off as sort of weird in the eyes of many. We’re so used to the old, slightly fuzzy video that this new clear one is almost too vivid. How much did we really need a Rick reboot? 

If you have a phobia of being Rickrolled, we’re sorry: the video just became too real. Rick Astley is so crisp here he may just jump out of the video and make your nightmares come true.

Is it time to cancel Rick Astley 4K? You tell us

Some would really like to “Say Goodbye” to the 4k remastered version of the classic Rick Astley song. 

Truly remastered versions

Perhaps the real remastered versions of Rick Astley have nothing to do with resolution – they have to do with revamping the tune in rad ways like the bomb guitar player featured above.

This rendition makes us seriously wonder if “Never Gonna Give You Up” would be a huge hit if the song were released today with this modern singing style.

Let’s not forget that the best altered version of the Rick Astley meme is most certainly the Lechuga memes. For those unaware of the reference, some mistakenly thought “Lechuga” mean “Never give up” when it actually means lettuce. Thus, Astley must promote the lettuce with pride.

Last but not least we give you the calculator version of the Rick Astley remastered. The difference between 4K and 0.4K is only a couple decimal places. We say it certainly measures up. 

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