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Running out of laughable content? Facebook group "See More" has every meme, video, and tweet bound to make you giggle. Take a look at See More!

The story behind “…See More”: A Facebook group Rickrolling everyone

For those that enjoy a good meme page or grew up watching Ridiculousness, this is the Facebook group for you. The Facebook group “SeeMore” @lolfooledyou is an account full of memes and more. The collective has been making us laugh on social media since 2011 with over 1.2 million followers. 

According to Rolling Stone, “Rickrolling” is a term created by internet trolls and meme creators who find relatable content with the help of a picture of Rick Astley from his youth. Meme accounts from across the world wide web have enjoyed creating content using the singer’s youthful face. The meme group, “SeeMore” is guilty of producing this and many other hilarious memes. 

What is a Facebook Group?

For those of us that don’t spend everyday on Facebook, you might want to join a Facebook group to really get into it. They not only keep you and your friends close, but according to Lifewire, they bring people together who share a common cause of an issue or an activity. Any Facebook user can start a Facebook Group but and include as many people as one would like.

Some Facebook groups are private with followers and others are community-based, but a Facebook user can join over a thousand different groups and enjoy a variety of different causes. 

As per Lifewire, Facebook groups can also be secret and only accessed through a private invitation. Similar to WhatsApp groups, the admin of the group holds all the power through their “adminship” to bring new members. These admins allow members to post pictures, videos, and share multiple files on the group through every post or message. 

Facebook groups are different from Facebook pages, as pages are just Facebook accounts that a user follows but doesn’t participate in any content. A Facebook Group allows you to post and interact with other members compared to a Facebook page, which is usually related to brands like sports teams, charities, fashion industries, and celebrities. 

Whether “See More” is technically a Facebook page or not, it definitely keeps catching our eye. 

What is “See More”

There’s no such thing as a memeless day as millennials are using social media more in a day than we listen to music or even breathe. With See More Facebook users have the opportunity to share, like, and comment on every public meme without getting told: “this account is private”. Ahh Finally.  

See More is a public Facebook group which posts content for any Facebook user to enjoy. Though a group like See More only allows their members to post on it. Facebook groups also don’t have the ability to see the activity from their followers on the group. Lifewire reported that most groups this large become Facebook pages to navigate activity and graphical representation. 

Just like their name, the See More group includes “more” memes about life, like nostalgic moments of your childhood, and animal videos. The diverse content on the Facebook group has been running since July 11th,  2011. Though it is still unknown who the mastermind is behind the irresistible quotes, images and videos.

See More posts

The Facebook group takes moments from movie culture like the hit science fiction franchise Harry Potter. They recycle old and create new memes “Just For Fun”, but it keeps us scrolling.  

See More offers us relatable content for all ages. Whether it’s hating on President Donald Trump’s internet ban or hating on YouTube’s constant advertisements, they certainly hit home.

See More may continue trolling your Facebook home screen with ridiculous Rick Astley memes or videos of dogs enjoying the snow, but we will probably never know who is behind their infectious memes. Do you know any other Facebook group that is worth a share? Let us know in the comments below. 

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