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Many fans of 'Spongebob Squarepants' don't seem too thrilled about the upcoming 'Patrick Star Show'. Let's be angry together and check out the best memes!

Patrick Star remains relatable: Laugh out loud with these memes

Everybody seems to be up in arms regarding the new Patrick Star Show, announced by Nickelodeon and set to premiere this July. SpongeBob SquarePants, which debuted in 1999 is perhaps Nickelodeon’s single largest property, as the series has managed to span multiple decades, even pumping out a slew of future films to promote these lovable underwater characters. But were these characters ever in need for a spin-off show?

Patrick Star is the quintessential example of how a supporting character can work amazingly on one show, but should never be given the reins to its own. Are we seriously prepared to watch twenty-five minute episodes of Patrick Star fumbling around Bikini Bottom, putting waffle cones on his head and screaming like a mad man down his neighborhood street? I guess we can be the judge when it comes out.

However, why not celebrate this odd announcement with some of the best Patrick Star memes on Twitter? 

Our “weast” favorite

OG Spongebob Squarepants years had some classic gems by Patrick Star, as proven by many of these memes. 

It’s a giraffe

Because who hasn’t gone to the zoo and shouted this phrase for a crowd reaction?

You gave me the ugly

Has anybody actually tried to recreate that Spongebob sundae? Onions & peanuts, was it?

Poor negotiation skills

This is why we always took our dad with us when we were ready to buy our first car. 

The good friend

Of course, you really shouldn’t want the kind of help that Patrick Star offers. 

Lost wallet

Not even a meme . . . just an iconic Patrick Star moment. 

A bit dark

Nickelodeon is reaping the benefits now that “big brother” is no longer watching. How sure are we that this new Patrick Star Show will actually succeed? These memes don’t seem to think so. 

Patrick as Killmonger

Panthers can’t swim though . . . can they?

Don’t skip leg day

Or butt day for that matter. Now we know what rappers mean when they say how “That a$$ clap back”. 

Legs for day

Honestly, what better way to cap off these Patrick Star memes by giving fans what they want most? Thanks for taking our advice on leg day, Patrick Star. 


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