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If you haven't watched the 'History of Swear Words' on Netflix yet, you're missing out. Here are the greatest memes about the show and Nicolas Cage.

Hilarious Twitter memes: Nicolas Cage and ‘History of Swear Words’

If you’ve ever wondered why the words in the lyric, “F#ck! Sh!t! B*tch!” from the popular Mo Bamba song are considered swear words and what makes them so bad, then Netflix has the perfect show for you. On January 8th, the popular streaming service dropped their newest docuseries, The History of Swear Words, with the titular host Nicolas Cage. 

Cage is one of the kings of swearing in movies & TV shows. He acts as the perfect guide through the word of swear words. Along the way, he’s accompanied by some friends including, Nick Offerman, Jim Jefferies, and Nikki Glaser, to name a few. 

But it’s not just famous comedians professing their love of swear words. Several professors, lexicographers, and scientists lend their expertise, making it the most interesting docuseries on the platform. 

Luckily for us, Twitter loves the idea of Nicolas Cage explaining the History of Swear Words. The internet is ablaze with some fantastic memes about his new project. 

Nicolas Cage’s long filmography 

Nicolas Cage has a long filmography that includes some major duds. However, The History of Swear Words has to be up there. The concept alone is top tier cage.

The Netflix algorithm sometimes slaps

Listen, we sometimes worry over the Netflix algorithm. But we couldn’t say we weren’t excited when we opened Netflix and saw Nicolas cage staring back at us. 

We didn’t either

Did we know The History of Swear Words was a show we needed in our lives? No! But with how 2021 is going so far, we need more and as soon as possible. Six episodes were not enough. 


Take notes kids

Listen, your kids were going to hear these words eventually. Might as well learn them from an educational docuseries like The History of Swear Words. Nicolas Cage is a great teacher. 

We can’t wait

Thank you, Netflix, for giving… Nay nay, blessing up with the gift The History of Swear Words. Please greenlight season 2 soon, Sincerely all of us. 


We can only imagine this GIF is what the Netflix producers did when they saw the numbers for The History of Swear Words.

Only parents

Do not watch this show with your parents unless you want a lecture every fifteen seconds. But if your mom is Amy Poehler from Mean Girls level cool, then we definitely recommend watching with her. 

They’re just words

Listen, Americans find everything taboo. It’s not that shocking they are easing their way into swear words. But we agree, damn’s not a swear word – we use it every damn day. But damn it, if The History of Swear Words doesn’t get more seasons soon, we’re never watching another Netflix show.

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