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Are you attracted to 'Zootopia' character Nick Wilde? Dive into the debate about the attractiveness of the Disney animated character.

Is Disney’s animated character Nick Wilde attractive? Join the strange debate

Furries are sort of the cousin of the internet that no one really talks about. Are they rich and generous with their money? Furry artists can make a killing drawing all sorts of things. Are they sort of eccentric? Yes. Do you want to sit next to them at Thanksgiving dinner? Probably not. Now, of course, this had led to a debate on a Disney animated character: Is Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) from Zootopia hot?

Whether or not you are a furry if you find Nick Wilde or any anthropomorphic animal Disney animated character attractive is not the point. Although, it is probably a question that keeps some of you up at night. Either way, Twitter is having some feelings over Nick Wilde that has sparked the debate. So let’s take a look at the tweets on this Disney animated character.

If you need some alcohol to get through this, then now is the time to liquor up.

The other Disney animated character from Zootopia

Oh those tigers from Zootopia. People really thirsted after them, huh?

Don’t forget his partner

Judy Hopps is also getting in on the conversation, apparently.

Other non-animal contenders

People are sharing their other animated crushes. 

Is Skittles run by furries? 

This is why no one likes it when big corporations tweet.

Every day we get further away from God’s light


The unsung hero of the Internet

Here’s hoping that trending topics writer on Twitter gets like a mega bonus for 2021

Uhh . . .

Have you heard about the good word of Nick Wilde?


Beastars is Zootopia but R-rated. Change our minds.

The real OG

Y’all are forgetting about Robin Hood.

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