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Do you want Lady Dimitrescu from 'Resident Evil Village' to step on your face? Find your people by checking out these tweets.

Fall further in love with Lady Dimitrescu in this ‘Resident Evil Village’ preview

Y’all need Jesus. 

Remember a couple weeks ago (or days or months time has lost all meaning) when the Internet thirsted after a gigantic vampire lady in Resident Evil? Well Lady Dimitrescu is back and people are, apparently, as horny as ever for her. Why is the lust for Lady Dimitrescu real? Well, demos for Resident Evil Village where Lady Dimitrescu is a prominent character are out.


Naturally, this means that people are talking about her. When people talk about her, well, she is a tall woman that looks like she could break you in half. Naturally, this is a turn on. You can see her in action in the GameSpot preview video for Resident Evil Village, which features Lady Dimitrescu, above. Of course, we’ve rounded up the best tweets talking about the good lady that wants to, literally, eat you.

It’s first tweet and we’re already exhausted

We’re learning so much about people’s fantasies.

Momma does protect

Okay, but, this is some really excellent fanart of Lady Dimitrescu. A+ work.

There are other parts of the game

Yes. Many lust-filled people are going to be right behind you.


Is this a fetish? This feels like a fetish.

Well that’s one way to handle this

This is a new take of sending someone to horny jail.

It’s a concern

Lady Dimitrescu is feeling the struggle of every tall person out there

Safe sex, everyone!

If you want Lady Dimitrescu to step on your face, then at least do so safely, okay? 


All these reactions are pretty much what we’ve been seeing so far. 

You are not wrong

If you’re attracted to Lady Dimitrescu, then chances are that you were attracted to Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist. We don’t make the rules here.

That sums it up.

This sums up the reaction.

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  • Lady D will become a horror icon for generations to come next to countess
    Dracula and Lady Sylvia Marsh from the horror novel Lair of the white worm
    also by Bram Stoker and in other works of feminine horror icons and Capcom
    knew that they got a hit with fans and cosplayers by creating her even at 9ft
    still short of beating Lady Liberty to beacon of Americans but with Lady D
    will stand with her piers like Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield as the most popular
    icons in the resident evil universe and Ada Wong comes in third place and to
    Capcom they struck gold with Lady D .

    Centrevez ent UK

    May 16, 2021

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