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With everyone locked down and trying not to catch COVID-19, days without sex are increasing. Here are some relatable dry spell memes.

Dry spell? We bet you can relate to these days without sex memes

Y’all are horny out there right now, aren’t you? With everyone locked down and trying not to catch COVID-19 (or you should be), sex lives have kind of vanished overnight. No one has time to get seriously ill with a pandemic still going on. Naturally, with a lot of you in a self-imposed celibacy, people are taking to the internet to make some days without memes on this predicament. 

So here are the best days without sex memes on the Internet. Because everyone is keeping a log, apparently, of how much they are missing sex and/or how much they are masturbating during this difficult time. Because, apparently, this is what people had in mind when they created the internet.

Anyone else feel like the aliens are disappointed in us? 

1. Day 24

It took Dean Winchester going to Hell and back to get his virginity restored (so to speak). For the real world, however, the consensus is 24 days.

2. Day 26

Not kink-shaming here. But there are better places to get your hair caught and pulled then in a car door. Like get some of those really bad hair elastics. 

3. Day 59

Sure, sure. Let’s go and call the sky “daddy”. I think that’s how it went in one of the mythologies. 

4. Day 69

Big. Mood. That’s a big mood for those of us with anxiety.

5. Day 98

That . . . that doesn’t sound safe.

6. Day 176

How far back in your mouth were you putting that toothbrush?

7. Day 196

I mean, the guy in American Pie did have sex with a pie. It’s not that far off the mark here.

8. Day 283

Generally not the normal reaction the mosquito was expecting. 

9. Day 329

Yes, yes. But have you considered that Starbucks may also be screaming the wrong name? Their track record there isn’t the best.

10. Day 489

Get you a freak like the sleep paralysis demon. Demons probably don’t have to worry about COVID.

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