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Still stuck at home, watching the same things over and over again? Don't suffer in boredom, here are some our favorite Netflix and Chill memes!

Netflix and chill memes still live on: Check out the best ones

Netflix & chill is, well, put on Netflix and get somethin’, somethin’ from the person you’re watching Netflix with. Naturally, this means you’re getting some pretty high quality memes out of the experience. While Netflix & chill memes may have passed their heyday, there are still plenty of jokes about it. Netflix and chill has entered our cultural lexicon at this point.

So what are the best Netflix and chill memes out there? What ones will leave you laughing so hard that you will actually need to put on Netflix to chill rather than get up to other salacious activities? Here are some of our favorite Netflix and chill memes out there for you to enjoy.

Get it?! 

There’s always a double meme-ing here. Ha! Puns. 

Make it clear that you want some s-e-x so she can ghost you if she wants

Sometimes, you need to be clear, friend. 

The memes say that we have a failure to communicate

Seriously, the phrase Netflix and chill can have a lot of confusing connotations. Make it clear what you both want.

You couldn’t even pretend?

If he doesn’t have TV money, then cut him loose.

Cut the time in half

In the future kids will know what that means so it does cut down on awkward sex talk time.

Bridgerton season 2? 

This is, like, the Bridgerton version of Netflix & chill.

Not wrong at all

Ah. Behold. What 2020 was for many of us.

Has that line ever worked, dude?

Well that’s a vast underestimation of our video game skills, sir.

What the…

You had to know what you were writing!!!

The meme has a point. 

It is a multi-step process to Netflix & chill.

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