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Are you hitting the mid-afternoon slump? Want to go back to sleep every single morning? Laugh at these relatable memes about getting those zzzs.

Go back to bed! But first, laugh at these relatable memes about sleep

Sleep is such a lovely thing. It lets you relax, recenter yourself, and makes sure your brain is working on all cylinders. But sometimes you. Just. Can’t. Sleep! Whether it be because of something that’s bothering you or from other factors, sometimes you just can’t be whisked off to the land of Nod. 

Since everyone has had that problem at least once in their lives, it’s not surprising that many have made memes about sleep. From memes showcasing what happens when someone doesn’t get enough sleep to memes about the small rituals most people need to sleep, memes about sleep are plentiful on the internet. 

Of course, most of these memes about sleep are located on Twitter. We snoozed through the threads to find the best memes about sleep. Reset your alarm clock and dive into these hilarious memes about sleep. 

Quick nap 

Yeah, naps are deadly like that, unfortunately. 


That actually explains so much! Thanks, Doc! 


We won’t lie, this got a chuckle out of us (though we have no clue why). 

Laughing along 

Memes just hot different at 3am . . . . 

Blanket time 

Try and get us now, sleep-paralysis demons!  

Too light 

Can someone lower their night light, please? 

Remember me? 

Ugh, we hate it when that happens . . . . 

One more game 

That final boss is just so finicky! 

Rest here

*Flops facedown on the floor* Thank you. 

Plot hole 

Quick, write it down before-and it’s gone again. 

Have any other fun memes about sleep? Drop them below in the comments before we doze off! 

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