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Want to live out your science fiction fantasy by living in an alien spaceship? Check out how you can book a getaway that's truly out of this world.

Want to sleep in an alien spaceship? This Airbnb is for you

Are you sick & tired of the same old boring homes you keep staying in every time you book an Airbnb on vacation? Are you itching to find a unique & epic getaway? Well, if so, we’ve got the perfect Airbnb rental option for you that’s just quite literally out of this world

Living in a spaceship? 

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a space traveler? Check out this epic alien spaceship themed house that could just very well be your next destination and fantasize no more. This home, located in Joshua Tree National Park in southeastern California, will allow you to fulfill all your science-fiction dreams. Better yet, the plain desert landscapes of Joshua Tree will make you feel more like you’re on another alien planet. 

This home is built to resemble an alien spaceship, so it was constructed in the shape of a flying saucer. The owner, Ronald Jackson, proclaimed to the New York Post that there are two other houses that boast this type of cool sci-fi theme in California, but this is currently the only one available to be rented out for people to come and experience. 

So far, there are currently nineteen other houses that resemble an alien spaceship like this one in the United States. However, this is the only one up for rental on Airbnb, according to the owner’s listing. The Futuro House website also remarked that the home is one of around eighty-five surviving Futuro Pods that were designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen during the 60s & 70s as portable ski chalets.   

What does the house look like? 

If you’re contemplating whether or not living in this alien spaceship themed home is something you may want to try one day, then here are some cool features about the house that may have you sold. 

This Airbnb looks like an elevated orange-reddish metallic disk, and while you may be searching for the entrance at first glance, check this out: a touch of a button on the wireless key will drop down a white staircase, just like something out of an alien film. 

There is also a row of oval-shaped windows wrapped around the alien spaceship themed house with a string of blue lights wrapped around the bottom to really resemble a typical UFO you’ve probably seen in your favorite science-fiction films. 

The New York Post added: “The interior is filled with UFO art, ‘Explore’ signs and alien movie VHS tapes and DVDs. Nathan Pyle’s Strange Planet cartoons and outer space comic books grace the coffee tables”. 

However, Jackson, the owner of the house, told the New York Post that, in his opinion, the best part of the house wasn’t necessarily the visuals, but rather the “acoustics and sound”, and added: “Just talking with the round ceilings makes for the most interesting thing. It’s how safe, secure and peaceful you feel on the inside”. Guests sitting inside the house will be able to experience unparalleled sounds from any noise in the room. 

Jackson compared the alien spaceship themed home to a clubhouse. The New York Post added: “Outside, a semi-covered patio has a propane grill, a fire pit and a seating area. Nearby, a sign says ‘Area 55: Caution.’ Guests have access to a detached bathroom and an outdoor shower”. 

If you’re sold on experiencing this unique trip all the way in Joshua Tree, California for yourself, you may have to wait just a bit, as the home is apparently booked out all the way through early 2022. We recommend you make your reservation now so you can experience your space traveler fantasies ASAP. Renting the Airbnb will cost you $223 per night, but grab a few friends to help pitch in and have a blast! 

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