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Could Jeffree Star really be Kanye West’s secret boyfriend? These are the funniest Twitter memes about the rumored relationship.

Jeffree Star is Kanye West’s boyfriend? The best memes on Twitter

Kanye West & Jeffree Star are trending all over Twitter! Could Jeffree Star really be Kanye West’s secret boyfriend? These are the funniest Twitter memes about the rumored relationship. 

Boyfriend rumor

TikTok influencer Ava Louise shared her thoughts about Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s divorce announcement. Since then, Twitter users have jumped onto the latest divorce theory. Louise told her TikTok followers, “This whole divorce came as no surprise” and that Kanye West has been “hooking up with a very famous beauty guru”. Louise quickly adds that Kanye has been dating a “male beauty guru”. Hint, Jeffree Star. 

According to Seventeen, Kim Kardashian is allegedly suing the TikTok influencer Ava Louise for claiming that Kanye West is Jeffree Star’s boyfriend. Louise shouted, “Hey TikTok, so I had to make an emergency visit to my shopper’s office to get an outfit for court, because Kim Kardashian’s literally suing me.” Louise isn’t holding anything back and even told the Kardashians to “bring it on”.

Jeffree Star hasn’t commented on the boyfriend rumors to Kanye West, however Star made a cryptic post on Instagram. The Instagram caption,“I’m ready for Sunday Service” could relate to West’s gospel group The Sunday Service Choir. 

Nonetheless, Twitter has enjoyed the Jeffree Star boyfriend drama with only the best memes & funniest responses. 

Kim’s home

Twitter users have found clips depicting how boyfriend Jeffree Star had to hide from the paparazzi and of course Kim Kardashian. Run Jeffree run! 

White Chicks

Twitter has continued to look for evidence of the alleged couple and have found an image from the 2004 film White Chicks. If Jeffree Star isn’t Kanye West’s boyfriend, could we find someone for Terry? 

Shake it off! 

Country singer, Taylor Swift has been drawn into the Jeffree Star boyfriend rumor. According to a Twitter user, Swift is watching the love story burn. 


The Jeffree Star rumors may be ridiculous, but this Twitter post just confirms Kanye West’s love for his alleged boyfriend.

Gold digger

Jeffree Star was the rumored inspiration to Kanye West’s musical rise to fame. Was Star the boyfriend who took West’s money when he was in need? Did they meet “at a beauty salon with a baby Louis Vuitton”? 

John Cena

Sorry John Cena, but nobody but Ava Louise saw this one coming. Kayne West & Jeffree Star are only trending on Twitter for “sleeping together”. Cena needs a minute. 

Star West

The Jeffree Star boyfriend rumors aren’t looking too bad. Twitter has found Kanye West & Jeffree Star’s child, The Weeknd. Who knew? 

Dinner date

Another White Chicks clip has surfaced and we’re no longer wondering what a date night with Kanye West would look like. It starts with West picking up boyfriend Jeffree Star and singing along to our favorite tunes. 

Kris Jenner

Rumored boyfriend Jeffree Star hasn’t released any sex tape with Kanye West. Looks like Kris Jenner is going to have to wait for the next relationship scandal. 

Doesn’t add up

Twitter users can’t add up Ava Louise’s divorce theory. Kanye West allegedly cheating on Kim Kardashian with boyfriend Jeffree Star is just confusing. 

Although Jeffree Star & Kanye West have not commented on the dating rumors, Twitter users will definitely be the first to let us know. 

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