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Jeffree Star has been under fire for all kinds of misdeeds this year. However, Twitter now has the actual receipts.

Did Jeffree Star finally get exposed? See Twitter evidence yourself

If you know anything about Jeffree Star, you know he’s a huge drama magnet. That’s just a fact. The YouTube star was previously called out for alleged racism & sexualizing minors, which ultimately led to him losing hundreds of thousands of followers. Now, surprising no one, there’s some new hot-off-the-press drama involving Star. 

What did Jeffree Star do this time? Let’s dive in. 

New incriminating documents

Kat Tenbarge, a reporter at Insider, recently posted the culmination of her Jeffree Star investigation on Twitter. “Following my Jeffree Star investigation,” she wrote, “new leaked documents say he signed an agreement to pay one of his sexual assault accusers $45,000 in hush money. The check was made out by Scott C. Andrews, the CFO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.”

Apparently, the money was paid in an effort to prevent Insider’s investigation from being published. Insider previously reported Gage Arthur accused Jeffree Star of forcing him to engage in oral sex in 2009 while he was drunk. Arthur also told Insider that Star had used a taser to shock him, which was corroborated by a witness.

Sexual assault allegations against Star

Arthur met Jeffree Star in Austin when he was just seventeen years old. He stated that, after they met, Star pursued him aggressively, even though Arthur insisted he was straight. Earlier this year, Arthur told the story to Christopher Stone, the head of the gossip blog Sticky Drama. After their meeting, Stone posted on Twitter: “@JeffreeStar Drugged, Tazed, and Raped Me.”

Stone tweeted claims Arthur made, stating “Jeffree sucked Gage’s d— under the threats of force and actual use of force – i.e. the taser – as well as Gage’s incapacity from drugs.” Star’s attorney shot back at the post, calling it “false and defamatory”.

Arthur texted Insider a couple weeks after the news went public, telling the publication: “Hey his lawyers called me.” A couple hours later, he sent a followup email, stating: “I’m not sure I’m remembering stuff correctly.” He ended it with: “I’m retracting our communications.” Well, that’s some pretty suspicious timing . . . 

Why did Arthur retract his Twitter statements?

Insider got hold of text messages from Arthur in which he told another of Star’s accusers: “Jeffree Star has agreed to pay you $10,000 if you choose to do the same (retract statements made about Star on Twitter).”

Many people close to Arthur corroborated his allegations. His former roommate told Insider Arhur was indeed seventeen when he met Jeffree Star. He also confirmed the existence of a video of three men kissing, including Star & Arthur.

Another person close to the two alleged Jeffree Star did, in fact, attempt to hold Arthur’s hand during a movie, and stated that he wanted to “f— Gage” later. When his advances weren’t reciprocated, however, Star stormed out of the theater, and proceeded to chase Gage with a taser when he got up and followed him.

What do the documents show? recently published leaked documents showing Arthur being paid $45,000 in exchange for backing down from his statements, and convincing other accusers to do the same. Alongside the docs, @stickydrama tweeted: “Now WE Got Them Receipts, GURL! @JeffreeStar Paid $45K in HUSH MONEY to Rape Accuser.”

The first document shows a cashier’s check for $45,000 paid to Arthur four days after Arthur retracted his allegations. The image of the check appears to be published by Scott C. Andrews, CFO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Andrews has yet to comment.

An image of the settlement agreement shows conditions for Arthur’s payment. Per the leaked doc, Arthur would be paid $25,000 for his signature, and an additional $25,000 if the article doesn’t end up being published. Finally, he would be paid $20,000 for persuading others to back down from their allegations against Jeffree Star, on Twitter or elsewhere.

 The document further states: “Business Insider has accused Mr. Star of sexual misconduct, tasering individuals, drugging individuals, throwing a knife at an individual, and sending crude photographs.” 

It continues, “Mr. Arthur emailed Kat Tenbarge at Business Insider, retracting his comments, explaining that he misremembered and misinterpreted things, and informing Ms. Tenbarge that Business Insider does not have authority to publish anything he discussed with her.”

As of now, Jeffree Star and his legal team have yet to comment on the breaking news. But one thing is for sure: it’s not looking super hot for the YouTuber. What are your thoughts on the latest Jeffree Star scandal? Let us know in the comments!

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