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Any gamer knows that Dream has one of the biggest followings in the Minecraft community. Celebrate the success of Dream with us here through Twitter memes.

Dream: How did this Minecraft streamer manage to take over Twitter?

If you love Minecraft, then you’ve probably heard of this guy. Dream is one of the biggest Minecraft streamers on YouTube or Twitch, with his Minecraft Manhunt series being his biggest claim to fame. So it’s no surprise that Dream seems to always be blowing up on Twitter. 

In this case, though, Dream’s popularity on Twitter seems to be tied to something all anonymous entertainers face: the possibility of a face reveal. Though Dream hinted at doing one earlier this month, the sudden surge of fake face reveals and the accusations of racism being sent his fanbase’s way may be why he is currently staying behind his mask. Despite this, Twitter still seems to be excitedly waiting for a Dream face reveal. 

We leveled up and smashed through the threads to find the best tweets about Dream, from his gameplay to the now heated topic of a face reveal. Watch out for Creepers as you dive into these Twitter reactions to Dream. 

Always cute 

Awww, you’re so right, he’s adorable

Coming at you 

Speaking of cute, if that actually happened we’d probably die . . . 

Meetup time

Probably with a lot more swords and Enders in the crowd, but yeah pretty much. 

Just a dream 

Weirdly specific, but ok. 

A little fanart 

Gotta love some fanart for the soul . . . 


That would be both terrifying and expected from Dream

Artistic talent

Yay, more cute fanart! How are you this good? 

No judgement zone 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! 

Conspiracy theory 

Looks like the red string is making an appearance after all . . . 

Stranger things 

Well you know what they say about Stranger Things . . . 

Have any other great reactions from Twitter about Dream? Drop them below in the comments so we can respawn! 

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