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We all have that one person who just gets us like no other. If you have a special BFF, laugh along at all the best friend memes we've found here.

Celebrate your best friend by sending them these hilarious memes

For many of us, our first meaningful bond outside of our parents comes the magical day when we link up with our day-one best friend. There’s nothing like a BFF to help us get through the day, or bail us out when we’re in trouble and the chips are down. Where would we be without our besties?

When it comes to best friends, the text thread is near sacred, and we constantly blow up our ride-or-die’s phone with the latest news in our lives, and of course, the dankest memes we can get our hands on.

Twitter’s full of great best friend memes, and we’ve gathered our faves you can send your friend to remind them there may be many people in your life, but there’s no one like your best friend.

Ride or die

Sometimes what defines a BFF relationship is one friend’s willingness to do anything the other suggests, as long as they’re together. This Rick & Morty cut from Twitter’s best friend memes shows what it’s like when your BFF is down for whatever.

This wholesome TikTok crossover best friend meme presents the same idea of best friends who are up for anything, as long as they take action together. If you jump, I jump, remember?

When you and your bestie start finishing each other’s sentences, you might be spending too much time together. But laughing at the same jokes? That’s just compatibility, baby.

When you meet someone who feels like home, you know you have a new BFF.

Lean on me

One of the best parts of having a day-one best friend is they have your back for anything. This cut from Twitter’s best friend memes shows what it’s like when we have to unload on our bestie after a long day. Whatever the problem, big or small, we’re listening.

Being a good listener is helpful in a BFF, but what’s more helpful is the willingness to go down for our ride-or-dies. You mess with my best, you’ll die like the rest.

Sometimes the best thing a bestie can do is provide words of encouragement to their better half (even if it’s not from a place of experience).

Three’s a crowd

We often get attached to our best friends so much, when one of us tries to bring a third bestie into the fold, it just doesn’t fly. This cut from Twitter’s best friend memes presents our reaction when an unannounced third wheel shows up to hang.

We can get so close with our BFF, when we haven’t talked in a minute, the break can seem like an eternity. Reconnection is easy, as long as our bestie hasn’t found a new partner in crime.

Finally, this best friend meme shows exactly what it’s like when someone tries to edge in on your best friendship. Step away from the bestie, we repeat: step away from the bestie.

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