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Today’s compilation of cute is a list of adorable human and dog interactions. Here are photos proving dogs are certainly man's best friend.

Man’s best friend: The cutest human and dog interactions of all time

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows these days, and this means sometimes we have to go actively searching for heartwarming and hopeful content. Luckily, today, we did the searching for you so you don’t have to.

Today’s compilation of cute is a list of adorable human and dog interactions. Afterall, dogs are man’s best friend, so not only do they cheer us up immensely, but humans try to pay back all that good karma to our lovely canine friends sometimes.

Sharing an umbrella

At a grocery store in Scotland this security guard put an umbrella over a dog who was tied up outside & waiting for its owner. The guard is quoted as saying, “Well you never know how dogs feel about the rain”.

Twitter of course, went head over heels for this picture and it went slightly viral. The guard was later identified as Ethan Dearman (@dearmanethan on Twitter).

Dog saving little girl

This little girl appears to be playing in the ocean when a wave crashes over her just a little too harshly for her dog’s comfort. Apparently worried, the dog takes her t-shirt in his mouth and drags her out of the water as she laughs the whole way.

It’s also possible the dog thought her giggles were crying – adding to the dog’s concern for his companion. This big floof ball has definitely earned the title of man’s best friend.

Coke isn’t just for polar bears

Apparently this person’s little pupper was too hot on a summer day so they looked for a way to cool them down. Turns out a cold can of Coke-a-Cola did just the trick. This little fluff appears to be incredibly content with this can & their owner’s arm around them.

The bringer of potatoes

Once this service dog’s duties are accomplished, if he feels like his owner still needs help, he’ll look for other objects which resemble the bottle of medication he’s supposed to bring his owner. Also, apparently, potatoes.

Potatoes may not technically help with a depressive episode, but the laughter it causes likely provides a brief moment of necessary reprieve. Especially if you have no clue where the potatoes came from.

Before and after

Something a lot of new dog owners like to do is take a picture of the dog when they first meet their new companion at the shelter, and then another shortly after being adopted. Whether it’s the car ride home, or at their new house doesn’t really matter.

The difference in the dog’s mannerisms are often dramatic. From sad, scared, and lonely, to happy and loved – it’s enough to make anyone shed a tear.

Careful though, looking at too many pictures like this will make it hard to resist grabbing your car keys and driving to the nearest shelter right this very moment. So, peruse more of these heartwarming images with caution. Man’s best friend indeed.

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