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Are you looking to build a YouTube channel with your friends. Check out the best types of videos that can help make your channel a success.

Best Ideas for YouTube Videos with your Best Friends

When you have a YouTube channel, you always need to find new and interesting ideas for content that will attract new subscribers. Of course, you can always visit Stormviews, which is the best place to buy subscribers. 

Apart from this, you can create content with influencers or your friends. By bringing other people to your videos, you create interesting content that will attract more users. This way, your video views and likes will be boosted, while many viewers will choose to subscribe to your channel. 

In this article, you will find the best ideas to create intriguing videos with your best friends. Publish them and then visit the best place to buy YouTube subscribers, like Stormviews, and reach your goal of having a successful channel on the platform. 

#1 Pranking your Friends 

One of the top trends on social media right now is pranking your friends, your partner, or your parents. These videos are so popular that you can even find whole channels dedicated to posting exclusively this type of video. 

To create content like this, you will have to find creative and unique ways to prank your friends. Moreover, make sure that you capture the whole prank on camera, along with your friends’ reactions. The result is going to bring you a lot of views and subscribers.

#2 Compare your Preferences

One more video idea for creating content with your friends is to compare your preferences. These videos are usually called “Me VS My Friends” and you must explain why you like specific things. This type of content is very interesting and easy to watch as it can also be presented as a Top 10 list. If you have a channel like this, make sure that you visit Stormviews, the best place to buy Youtube subscribers so that you grow it fast.

#3 Do some Fun Challenges

There is no denying that challenges are immensely popular on social media, like YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram. If you search for the top hashtag challenges at the moment, you will find a great number that you can try. 

Some examples are the blindfold makeup challenge, the try not to laugh challenge or the 100 layer challenge. However, keep in mind that this niche is a very competitive one and you will need to visit the best place to buy YouTube subscribers to make your channel stand out. 

#4 Start a Comedy Series

If you have creative friends that love comedy, then you can join forces to create an original comedy series. Users on YouTube love to watch comedy shows, thus making it a niche with a lot of potential. In fact, many channels have already been creating by a group of friends that wanted to start an original series. In Stormviews, which is the best place to buy subscribers, you can find the tools that will enhance your channel.

#5 Shoot Parody Music Videos

Parody or lip-syncing music videos have always been popular on YouTube and the rise of Tik Tok has rekindled the interest in this content. For this reason, parody music videos will bring a lot of attention to your channel. 

Gather your friends, dress up fancily, and pick popular songs that many users are searching for. This way, your parody will appear to many searches, thus gaining a lot of views. Of course, the easiest way to bring attention to your channel is to visit the best place to buy YouTube subscribers. 

#6 Create a Reaction Video

Reaction videos are now everywhere on YouTube. Users of every possible niche are reacting to Tik Tok videos, to Facebook videos, events, and any other thing that you can imagine. The one thing that can make your reaction videos even funnier is to shoot some of them with your friends. Together, you can make fun of the things you are reacting to, thus creating a hilarious result that your viewers will love. 

#7 Recreate Famous Movie Scenes

When you bring your friends to your YouTube channel, you can create videos that require more people and that you normally can’t shoot on your own. For example, you can recreate all of your favorite movie scenes with your friends. 

This is an interesting idea that will attract every user that loves cinema. To make a channel like this successful though, you will need to boost it by visiting the best place to buy subscribers, like Stormviews.  

#8 Create a DIY Project

With the help of your friends, you can create an amazing DIY project that you would normally find it very difficult to complete on your own. In your video, you should document the difficult process and how you achieve your goal. In the end, you should show how you celebrate the completion of the DIY with your friends. 

#9 Review a Movie with your Friends

One more type of video that you can create with your best friends is to watch and review a movie. Usually, these videos are very entertaining as you discuss it with your friends and you feel comfortable to joke and just have fun. However, there are many channels that review movies on YouTube. To make your channel stand out, you will need to visit Stormviews, which is the best place to buy YouTube subscribers. 

#10 Do a Sports Challenge

If you and your friends are athletic, you can take a sports challenge to find out which one is the best. For this video, you can perform football tricks or shoot 3-points. This type of content will attract all of the sports fans who are looking for new and entertaining content. 

#11 Play a Game with your Friends

There is not a more popular niche on YouTube than gaming. For this reason, playing a party game with your friends will give you a lot of views. 

Getting your friends together for your YouTube videos is always a great idea. If you want to make your channel even more successful, you have to visit the best place to buy YouTube subscribers, which is Stormviews. 

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