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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gracing the cover page of 'TIME' magazine for the World’s Most Influential People. How did Twitter react?

How has Twitter reacted to Prince Harry’s recent ‘Time’ recognition?

A lot of newsworthy things have been happening in the royal family — and those who’ve detached themselves from it. Meghan Markle & Prince Harry welcomed a new child, had their groundbreaking interview with Oprah, the latter started working as the Chief Impact Officer at a mental health startup, among other things. 

They’ve had a tough couple of years as they moved from Britain, lost a child to miscarriage, but are now thrusting forward with their Archewell Foundation, signing deals to produce TV shows & a podcast.

Now, they’re gracing the cover page of TIME magazine for the World’s Most Influential People. 

While some people have hailed them as a power couple, dropping Moira Rose gifs in the replies section on Twitter, even talking about how the couple looks radiant & peaceful, now that they aren’t bound by royal shackles, others seem to have taken offense to the magazine, the photograph, or just the general announcement of the couple as an influential entity.

As the cover story lauded the couple on their compassion, Tweeple immediately took to scathing comments about the lack of compassion they showed their own family.

Everyone also seemed intent on comments about how Meghan was overshadowing Harry, who seems to be happy with his wife taking the lead.

Some people went so far as to say that a photograph — and where he stood in the photograph — was enough to emasculate him. Distasteful & sexist comments came in big numbers.

All of this also led to some fierce debates, as some people pointed out how Meghan was holding the power frame in the TIME cover photo, while Harry supported her. Twitter saw a plethora of artful insults. 

The pose does seem a wee bit awkward, so it did lead to some hilarious comments as well.

Not all of them are untrue if you look carefully.

Others took to Twitter to share how much in awe they were of this couple — both the partners serving looks.

Yet others took to roasting the photoshopped & airbrushed efforts on the photo — it doesn’t look authentic, but the tweaks have raised quite a few eyebrows. 

Another person joked about how they look photoshopped onto their own bodies. We’ve got to hand it to the Twitterati — they know how to roast the celebs good. 

The couple has also maintained how their relationship with their family was impaired, in large parts, by tabloids and the press blowing things out of proportion. So, skeptics began questioning why they’re getting press coverage now. 

Some people reacted wildly to the cover page, canceling TIME magazine & bringing the credentials under the lens. No other cover page has possibly evoked such varied, wild, and passionate reactions from the readers.

Because the TIME recognition brought both the wrath of the haters & compliments from the fans, some tweeple laughed off at the dichotomy.

One of them shared, “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle giving both their fans and haters content. I stan a generous couple”

The TIME list also included singers Billie Eilish, Britney Spears, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, Tennis Player Naomi Osaka, actor Dolly Parton, US President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, former President Donald Trump, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Shondaland’s Shonda Rhimes, Lil Nas X, Kate Winslet, Jason Sudeikis, Elon Musk, among others. 

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