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It’s Pride Month! What better to showcase that joy, then with some excellent gay memes. Here are our favorite gay memes. Read more
Resident Evil 8 and many more games are being released soon. Here are our favorite PS5 games already announced to be coming to the console. Read more
There have been a number of truly riveting true crime documentaries recently. Here are some underrated true crime documentaries. Read more
Of all the cast though Arturo, or as we prefer to call him Arturito, is the worst 'Money Heist' character of all. Here are memes to describe our hatred. Read more
Now that the next-gen consoles have been announced, it's time to roast these gaming consoles the best way we know how: top tier gaming memes. Read more
The Karen memes may be funny, but getting revenge on a real life Karen is even funnier. These stories are perfect ways to take down a Karen. Read more
If you're looking to emigrate to a new country, Italy is out of quarantine and offering you a great deal. How about a nice home for a little more than a $1? Read more
The app Snapchat is trying to hop into the streaming game with the recently announced Snapchat TV. Learn more about their strange programming here. Read more
Celebrities are notorious for being brisk and entitled, but here's a list of some celebs which take Karen memes into the real world. Read more
Investigators think the missing girl Madeleine McCann may be found soon. As the search heats back up, here are the questions still being asked. Read more
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