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'Pokemon Go' features some of the best critters from the game series, but enough with the birds! Soar into our list of the most annoying winged Pokemon.

Sick of Pidgeys in ‘Pokemon Go’? Here are the birds that get on our nerves!

We’ve probably all wondered what it would be like to be a bird. We’ve imagined ourselves flying wherever we want, and having the freedom to soar anywhere. What would you do with the freedom to fly when & wherever you want? Where would you go? Now, there’s much about birds many of us don’t know, and perhaps they don’t have as much freedom as we think. But it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

Let’s change the subject slightly. What do you think of Pokemon birds? Maybe you’re getting tired of the Pidgeys? We’ve gathered some of the most disliked flying Pokemon of all time!


Talonflame, known as a fire/flying Pokemon, joined the competitive arena after becoming an addition to the monster compendium with Pokemon X & Y. For years, competitors had to make sure they were prepared for Talonflame’s appearance on the dark side. 

It feeds on other Pokemon birds like Pikipek & Wingull. In the midst of hunting, it plunges and attacks its prey with kicks before grabbing them with its talons so the prey has no time to flee to safety. 

When it dives, the Talonflame can achieve a speed of 310 miles per hour. It brings down embers like rain through the gaps in its feathers while it soars across the sky.


When it comes to Diamond & Pearl, hardly anything is more annoying than farming honey trees for an Aipom and coming across this humdrum bee. The Combee has a very boring design. Now, the Vespiquen, whose only obtainable through the evolution of a female Combee is not as plain as the regular Combees, so fans were a little disappointed to see what they were waiting so long for. 


We’ve seen the Zubat, the poison flying type. It’s been called the most unlikable Flying Pokemon. Pokemon gamers just love strolling into a bat cave, equipped with no repels and having to be chased by fifty Zubats. 

What is great about them, though, is we’ve seen them mature into Crobat. But as far as the Zubats are concerned, they’re still far from a fan favorite and it doesn’t look like that’ll ever change. 


We’ll get back to the Pokemon birds we can’t stand in a moment, but for a second, do you remember the turtle doves on Home Alone 2: Lost in New York? Today, you can get a set of two turtle dove ornaments this holiday season that were inspired by the movie. You could use them to decorate your tree. Maybe you could keep one and give the other to someone dear to you. 

And as long as you guys have your turtle doves, you’ll always be friends (or at least that’s what the movie said). Doves symbolize peace and happiness, but not when it comes to the Pidove

It’s been called the very worst Route one Pokemon bird. Even Pidove’s evolved forms are without hope. Fans see it as “the Meg” of a group of friends. They’re the person who’s seemingly only there for everyone to just rip on for no reason. They may land on a player’s team, but only for the sake of flying. 


On one hand, the Jumpluff looks very cute. They remind you of talking blueberries, the kind you’ll probably meet on a children’s show or film. Maybe, they bring you to thoughts of the member berries of South Park

But to fans, it’s merely a living dandelion which might’ve been fine but annoyingly, it doesn’t learn Fly. Whoever chose to not let this so called Pokemon bird learn Fly, really messed up.

What are your least favorite Pokemon birds? What are your favorites? Drop them off in the comments!

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