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'South Park' has been sleeping but it's coming back, blooming hard! The show will not be leaving anytime soon. Find out the very latest details!

‘South Park’: What does Paramount+ have planned for these future movies?

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone just announced on Twitter that they signed a new deal to extend their show “. . . through season 30 and make fourteen original made-for-streaming movies exclusively for Paramount+, starting with two films in 2021.”

Since 1997, fans have been captivated by the animated series following the wacky lives of a group of children somewhere in the Colorado mountains. But watch the show for a minute or so, and you’ll know it’s not for children! South Park’s goal seems to be to offend as many people as possible. Actors have stormed out of auditions feeling absolutely disgusted with the content. 

Nevertheless, South Park has given us three-hundred nine episodes enveloped in twenty-three seasons. According to Comedy Central, it’s “cable’s longest-running scripted TV series.” South Park won the Primetime Emmy, Primetime Creative Arts Emmy, NME Award for Best TV series, PGA Most Promising Producer in Television, CableACE Award for Animated Program and a Peabody Award. 

Despite some rumors of cancellation, South Park continued to go strong but then the pandemic happened. Like many projects, production had to be put on hold but they’re a satirical comedy, thus used this time to their advantage and made two specials out of it. The future of the pandemic may be uncertain but what’s going on with these future movies?

$900 million deal

In the midst of this shifting pandemic and the pandemic/vaccination specials, fans are anxious to know what the next season of South Park will look like. Will there be another special or can we look forward to the old way of multiple episodes? Will the pandemic permanently change the show?

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have just confirmed a renewal deal that will not only stretch the show’s run through 2027, but now, we’ll have fourteen South Park movies to add to our watchlists! This new deal with ViacomCBS will keep their show on Comedy Central and send the movies to the company’s Paramont+ streaming service. 

ViacomCBS hasn’t substantiated the precise dollar amount but it is within the $900 million range, and thus is one of the greatest deals ever made in television history. 

New Movies

“Matt and Trey are world-class creatives who brilliantly use their outrageous humor to skewer the absurdities of our culture and we are excited to expand and deepen our long relationship with them to help fuel Paramount+ and Comedy Central,” said the President/CEO of MTV Entertainment & CCO/Adult Animation – Paramount+. 

Parker and Stone added they couldn’t wait for their return to traditional South Park episodes “. . . but now we can also try out new formats. It’s great to have partners who will always take a chance  with us.” South Park continues to stay up in the rankings through their Vaccination Special which won the #1 cable telecast of the year with nearly 3.5 million viewers. The Pandemic Special ranked #1 for 2020. 

So now that the movies have been confirmed, what happens now? What are the movies going to be about? What are they going to look like? How are they going to portray the current events the specials missed? They’ve never given us fourteen movies at once. Will these movies be just like their past works or can we expect something very different?

With two coming this year, we’ll have a movie night very soon to look forward to but what about the others? When will those movies be out? Will the people of South Park finally start to age and Kyle, Stan, Cartmen and Kenny alas start the fifth grade? Perhaps a movie with the South Park children all grown up. There’s still far more questions than answers at this point, but we’re still excited!

What’s going on with the South Park movies? Are you as anxious for them as we are? Let us know!

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