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'Pokémon GO' – it’s impossible that mobile-game lovers aren’t aware of this era’s top-rated mobile gaming app. Check out these amazing hacks.

The Best Pokémon GO Walking Hack (Now Play Without Walking)

Pokémon GO – it’s impossible that mobile-game lovers aren’t aware of this era’s top-rated mobile gaming app that brings your imagination to life.   

Pokémon GO mobile game has always been in the limelight for its quaint game plan that wants you to step outside, catch monsters, and hit battles in the real world. Millions of people have enjoyed the game a lot.  

But many still rush to find the Pokémon GO Walking Hack rather than moving/walking to play the game outside.  They don’t want to escape their home comfort, but this makes the game entirely useless.

No surprise, to rise above this biggest riddle, many want to know how to move in Pokémon GO without walking in 2021. Because it’s hard to forget the exciting gameplay of the Pokémon GO mobile gaming app.  

But luckily, we have got the best reply. Below we bring you the smartest and most widely used Pokémon GO Walking Hack that sorts out this problem within a moment for you.  

Here we bring you a perfectly working Pokémon GO Walking Hack that helps you play your favourite POKÉMON GO comfortably on your couch, desk, or bed. There’s no need to step outside, covering a long mile to grab some gaming fun. All you need to do is, follow this Pokémon GO Walking Hack, and you are all set to hit your first round on one tap. 

How to move in Pokémon GO without walking in 2021 – let’s unwrap

The route to that one of the best Pokémon GO walking hacks goes through an amazing and one of the most popular software named Dr Fone – Virtual Location (iOS).  

Since Pokémon GO is also a location-based app, escaping from that irritating situation will no longer be that challenging, and asking how to walk in Pokémon GO without moving will no longer be required. 

Location is the biggest factor that restricts you from playing Pokémon GO the way you want. But, thanks to Dr Fone – virtual location (iOS), because now, on a single click, you can trick any location-based app in one shot.  

Install this amazing location faker software in your desktop, create a pairt between computer and iPhone and change the location to give POKÉMON GO app a fake indication that you are walking, moving from one place to another.  

That’s how this brilliant software helps you play Pokémon GO without moving.

Things you can do with the Dr Fone – Virtual Location Software

The software is a wonderful gift to every Pokémon GO lover because the software eliminates the hassles of going outside to complete your gaming rounds. But it’s just a teaser; the software has a lot to give:

Changing location on one click 

The software enables you to change your mobile location with one tap, providing the best answer to the most arguable question, “how to play Pokémon GO without moving in 2021?”  

No matter where you reside, if you want to spice up your love for Pokémon GO without walking, give this software a try and reach your goal faster.  

Trick any mobile-based app 

Not alone, Pokémon GO app, but any location-based app can be fooled by this one of the most brilliant and innovative software.  

The software creates a fake location of your smartphone. So that, whenever any mobile application tries to track your location, it is tricked by your software.  

Set the speed to simulate the activities 

Without leaving your comfort zone or moving even a single inch, you make a location-based app realize that you are moving either by walking, biking, or driving through speed adjustment settings.  

This makes it a brilliant software to play Pokémon GO without moving. The software provides you access to speed controls to reach your goals and complete your gaming rounds on the go.   

GPS movement control 

The software features a joystick and keyboard control options which ensure a user can flexibly adjust their location and use the app in no time.  

Forward, reverse, move 360-degree using the highly useful GPS movement control provided inside the software. No wonder you’ll realize the need for this wonderful creation again and again.  

Adding Favourite Route in Wishlist 

If you are one of those die-hard Pokémon GO lovers who love collecting Poké Balls as much as possible, no wonder you’ll love using this software. How to get Poké Balls in Pokémon GO without moving? The software answers you pretty well.  

Use the software to track down the routes where Poké Balls are found in excess and export that location details in your device. By doing this, you create a special route for your game that you can review again with one tap.   


How to change GPS location on phone? 

Don’t worry, if you want to use this Pokémon GO walking hack to play your favourite game, follow some basic steps as stated below- 

  • First, get the software from this link: Dr Fone – Virtual Location (iOS). 
  • Second, launch the software on your computer device 
  • Third, connect your smartphone with computer 
  • Fourth, change the location  

Can I use the software on Android devices? 

Yes, android device users can easily use this location faker software. Download and launch the software in your window devices, create a pair with your smartphone and change the location on the go.  

What if I want to get back to my location? 

While using the desktop software, if you want to get back to your original location, you’ll have two options – either adjust the speed to driving vehicles and wait for a few moments to reach back to your home location, or you can restart your mobile app. You can work upon this standard rule to get the most out of the Pokémon GO walking hack. 

Will USB be required to connect the smartphone with the computer? 

Initially, users are required to use the USB cable to link smartphones with the computer. It is also vital that both devices must be connected to the same wi-fi network. By doing this, the software creates a permanent pair between your computer and smartphone so that next time you don’t have to opt for the USB method for accessing. All you need to do is launch the software, choose your already paired device and start using it. 

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