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Hazarat is mainly a virtual-based website created by one of the most famous Iranian singers and entrepreneurs, Pouyan Mokhtari. Here's all you need to know.

Introduction to Hazarat website pooyan Mokhtari

Over the last 3 centuries, virtual games have always been the most important pack of games a player can play. These games are so popular that even some games roots back to the 20th century, and now they are played by almost all the people around the world. Now this industry has been revolutionized, and its traditional methods have been changed.

 Today players all around the world sit on their chairs and play the game they desire the most on their cellphone or personal computer. Due to governmental restrictions, this method of playing virtual games in some Islamic countries such as Iran and Iraq is becoming so widespread that they are even working on their international platforms. One of these websites that played an essential role in this industry in Iran is the Hazarat حضرات  website. Hazarat is now the leading virtual game provider website within the online virtual game industry, and many competitors copy their service-providing platform.

Hazarat was created by one of the most famous Iranian singers and entrepreneurs, Pouyan Mokhtari. Today Pouyan has created a platform that all those people who are interested in playing free virtual games can attend it and by befriending other players not only they pass good time but they can also earn some extra points which can level up their rank in the game. Now it is time to have a quick look at this website and evaluate its options. 

Who Is Pouyan Mokhtari?

In today’s world, the social network plays a vital role in making people famous; in some view, it has more effect than national television. Pouyan Mokhtari was a folkloric singer who started singing Lori songs in Iran. He was born in a southern city called Izeh, and after his father’s bankruptcy, Pouyan moved to Karaj, where his story took a new turn. 

When he was at Karaj, he met a girl who was a secretary at a beauty salon, and with her guidance, he immigrated to turkey and it was this journey that turned his life around. Living in Istanbul made an excellent opportunity for him to create a website where people who loved virtual games could find each other and play their favorite games. Now Mokhtari is a well-established businessman who has different types of work in different countries. Its brand diversification starts from the gaming industry to clothes and cosmetics. Today we will take a quick look at his most significant achievement, Hazarat. 

Games supported by Hazarat

As mentioned before Hazarat is mainly a virtual-based website; however, it also supports other types of games like free Mounty and Crash; now, we are going to discuss these games at length. Since virtual games such as Pokemon Go and Counter Strkie are mainly played with points, the website provides free points to new players who can win more by playing with other players. Players can use the in-game points seller process and earn more points to play the games. 

The most critical game provided on this website is the crash. For those unfamiliar with this game, we should somehow describe the process and then help them understand the game better. The crash is a Persian online game which has been named as the best online game for three consecutive years. The game provides some random numbers, and it is the player’s duty to predict the last number game provides and stop the number generating algorithm before it reaches the end. 

The other important game that Pouyan Mokhtari takes credit for that is the minefield. In this game, a donkey should pass a field full of land mines; this game is also a point creator game, which means if you get good results in this game you can use your points in other games. 

Why should we choose Hazarat?

As you may already know, Hazarat is not just like any other virtual game-providing website. Players that choose it like to see other pro players just like themselves, and Hazarat provides this opportunity for them. If players who want to have an authentic experience of virtual games, we surely recommend you to have a good look at Hazarat. 

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