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Guess what? After dropping your last dollar on a Nintendo Switch, you don't have to wait until payday for new games. Download these free games now!

Put your money away: Test out these addicting Nintendo Switch free games

You probably spent all your money on a new console, right? Even if you’re out of spare gaming cash, you’re still in luck! Nintendo Switch has a great selection of free games that’ll keep you entertained. 

We’ve scoured for the best free games for Nintendo Switch so you don’t have to! Here are some addicting free games to play until your next payday:

Color Zen

This game is equally relaxing as it is hypnotic. The game only needs the use of the Switch’s touch screen, making it an easy play. However, the challenging game features multiple floating colored shapes which you must match to ultimately match the level’s colored frame. It sounds confusing but the game is rather intuitive. 

Color Zen offers over 100 free levels. All of these challenges should keep you and your brain busy!

Pokémon Quest

Although already cute, imagine Pokémon in bubbly cube form. This free action-adventure game is adorable & fun! Explore Tumblecube island with your Pokémon friends, and search for various loot. You can even cook delicious foods and decorate your base camp! 

This free game is one of a kind, so check it out!

Super Kirby Clash

Who doesn’t love Kirby? The adorable character heads into battle in this free Nintendo Switch game. Play either solo or multiplayer to fight bosses!

Build your Kirby dream team with various characters, weapons, and super powers!

You and your team need to protect the Dream Kingdom from various villains. This game is free to start and filled with cute characters!

Arena of Valor

This multiplayer online battle arena game keeps you on your toes! Arena of Valor is similar to League of Legends, however, it was created for mobile play. 

Pick your powerful hero and gain gold and XP while destroying monsters and other players! Fight in matches to get stars and level up! Except if you lose the match you lose your stars. 

This free battle game has enough challenges and endless battles to spend hours on!

Rocket League

Rocket League is as chaotic as it gets. It’s a soccer game with cars. There’s no need for further explanation. Go crazy in these racecars and push the ball into the goal at max speed! 

You can play online or with a friend on a split-screen. This game is just insane enough to have you losing track of time.

Apex Legends

This free battle royale game is endless fun! Pick a unique Legend from an ever-growing list of characters. Great animation and intense battles make this game a winner!

This game has been available on Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. However, in 2019, EA made this free game compatible with Nintendo Switch! If you like shooting games, this one’s for you!


This sleek shooter game is unbeatable! Warframe can be confusing in the beginning, but pick your Warframe (intense robotic armor) and you’re ready to shoot. This game is impressive with loads of content that you’ll be shocked is all free!

Play solo or create a team of up to three players! Upgrade your Warframe as you progress, and travel to new worlds. This surprisingly free game is a must-play!

Tetris 99

If you thought classic Tetris was stressful then you’ve never experienced Tetris 99! This revamped classic involves you competing with ninety-eight other players. After clearing more than two rows, you can throw your blocks at opponents! The last player standing wins the game!

If you have a Nintendo Switch Online account, this insane game is free!

You don’t have to go broke in order to play some top-quality games. These Nintendo Switch-free games are addicting and endlessly fun! Let us know what your favorite free games for Nintendo Switch are in the comments!

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