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Believe it or not, gaming can be fun and educational. Come browse through these games for the brain. Your mind wants to play too, and that's healthy!

Keep your wits sharp with these games made for the brain

It’s more important than ever to keep our brains stimulated. Those who play games for the brain and maintain a good level of mental stimulation throughout their life end up having better memories when they are older. 

Having healthy brain function in your older years is possible if you make sure to play games for the brain that improve mental clarity, help minimize stress, and strengthen your levels of intelligence. Being told you are smart is one of the best compliments you can receive. These games for the brain can only make you better.

Brain Trainer Special

Download Brain Trainer Special in the App Store right now if you’re looking for help with memorizing letter sequences, phone numbers, and more. This game gives users the chance to solve assorted math problems that are way above elementary school level. 

Parents often help the kids with homework every now & then but that doesn’t necessarily mean the mind is being as stimulated as it should be. Brain Trainer Special helps with concentration, focus, accuracy and speed.

Brain Fitness Pro

Online brain training is made easy with Brain Fitness Pro. This app has plenty of games for the brain that help increase mental sharpness as well as stamina. Anyone who wants to improve when it comes to excelling in interviews, academic exams, or written work will benefit with the help of brain fitness pro. 

This is an app that helps increase your IQ.  Leonardo de Vinci is one of the most well-known individuals who had an extremely high IQ in his lifetime. This app can help get closer to his level.


Games for the brain that help with problem-solving, the speed of processing, maintaining attention, and mental flexibility are all available using an app like Lumosity. 

This online program is filled with a system of excellent games that will undoubtedly help you excel. Sharpening your skills should be something everyone wants to do in their lifetime. We study so hard when we are in school but after we graduate, how else can we maintain our skill sets? Lumosity helps so much.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

Training our brains with games for the brain can either be really complicated & annoying or it can be enjoyable & fun. CogniFit Brain Fitness is the latter. 

It’s filled with assessments that help you evaluate your cognitive skills as well as professional tests that were designed by brilliant physicians who know what they’re talking about in the world of brain health. You’ll be able to keep up with your progress & evolution with CogniFit Brain Fitness.

Positive Activity Jackpot

The special part about Positive Activity Jackpot is the fact that this app is used to help some people beat depression. This app is also used to help people build mental resilience as it suggests enjoyable activities to do in nearby places. 

Maintaining stimulated minds also requires physical movement. Taking action, getting up, and going places, makes a difference. Positive Activity Jackpot includes tailored & personalized planning.

Clockwork Brain

Clockwork Brain is all about memory & attention. Remembering things gets more difficult with age so games for the brain that help you maintain your memory are exceptionally valuable. If you don’t use it you might lose it! Clockwork Brain is perfect for a great mental workout as users are able to adjust the levels of difficulty in all of the puzzles they decide on. The puzzles are all quite fast paced so you’ll never get bored.


Happify is filled with games for the brain that are totally science-based. Having a positive outlook when it comes to psychology, science, and the world around us is very important. The games & activities included in this app are all about mindfulness. Happify helps increase six skills that improve everyone’s well-being. Those skills are savoring the moment, thankfulness, aspiration, giving, empathy, and revitalization.

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