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Movies and shows are fun but kids need some learning time. Check out our list of all the places you can find exciting educational games!

Keep your kids entertained with these educational games

Kids are easily distracted with all of the TV shows, movies, and YouTube videos that are readily available to them these days. Most of the entertaining content for kids doesn’t do much to help them learn new things. Shows like SpongeBob Squarepants & Uncle Grandpa might be funny, but are they helping kids grasp onto any gems of knowledge? Not really! Here are some interactive & fun education games for kids to try out. games is riddled with educational games for children in pre-K all the way through fifth grade. The Math & English games available are colorful, bright, and easy to understand for both parents & kids. “Out in the Forest” is one of the reading games created for second graders on the site. The game helps kids learn basic reading words as well as sight words for an essay writer.

Another game on is called “Balloon Pop” and it is meant for pre-kindergarten children. The game is about sounding out letters, tracing letters, and sequencing letters. Parents must sign up (for free) to access all of the games available on the site. games is a great option filled with educational games that kids will latch onto for their enjoyment. One of the games available on the site is called “Math Baseball” and it’s perfect for kids kindergarten through fifth grade. The way you win is by solving math problems in order to hit the baseball and score home runs. The game is instantly over if 3 questions are solved incorrectly.

“Grammar Gorillas” is another game that teaches kids about completing sentences with the correct word choices.  This site also offers chapters from popular books for kids to read for free. Some of the books readily available include Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The New Girl Code, and Judy Moody Predicts the Future. games

There are more free educational games for kids to play at One of the games available is called “Go Green” and it works to educate children about the importance of taking care of our planet. The Sesame Street characters let kids explore picking up litter, turning off points of electricity, and tending to plants in nature. It’s all virtual of course. 

“Letter Dance Party” is a game on featuring Big Bird & Snuffy as the hosts. This game allows youngsters to trace specific letters and watch the letters come to life with personalities once they’re perfectly filled in. Then, they get to watch the letters attend a dance party. It’s pretty adorable. games

The educational games on are definitely worth the hype. They are great for kids of all ages and each game comes with a description section letting you know what to expect. The “Counting Pizza Party Game” is a math game that lets little ones count how many toppings are about to be added to the animated pizza crust. They can add whatever they want from pepperoni to mushrooms.

“Match the Rhyming Words” is a game that lets kids match one image with another if those images rhyme with each other when spoken of out loud. For example, on one side, there’s an image of a van and on the other side, there’s an image of a pan. Out of all the other visible images, those would be the two images a child would select to move onto the next level. games has some fun educational games that most kids would have a good time playing while hanging out at home. One of the games on the site is called “US States Pick One” and it helps kids become more familiar with the 50 states of America. Another one meant for pre-K & kindergarteners is called “Color Memory Game.” It helps kids remember the names of colors as they go.

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    April 24, 2021

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