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Don't miss out on getting the free 'Among Us' pet from Twitch! Now you can have the Twitch Glitch follow you around.

Be like the cool kids: How to get the free Twitch pet in ‘Among Us’

The jumpsuit-wearing characters in Among Us look pretty monotonous before adding customizations to them. Players can change the color of the suit by picking between a few options. But without customizations, there’s little room for self-expression through the avatars.

Among Us does provide options allowing players to choose from items like hats, skins, masks, and pets. For a few days, Among Us is partnering with the streaming platform Twitch to offer a free pet. 

The pet is a Twitch exclusive, limited edition item with the Twitch logo on its face.

Twitch Glitch pet

On the day the Among Us promotion launched, Twitch tweeted all the details on how people can get a free Twitch Glitch pet. Twitch added a photo showing a cute purple character pet you can show off to your friends. The promotion doesn’t last long, so not everyone will get the chance to obtain the rare item.

What does every crewmate need? YOUR very own Glitch Pet,” Twitch tweeted.

The promotion runs from Dec. 4th to Dec. 18th, so players should act fast in order to snag one of the Twitch Glitch pets. Pets follow the player around throughout the game. When the player dies, the pet will stay at the same spot the player died. Other than acting as an accessory, the pets don’t have much of a role. They are cute, though, so here’s your guide on how to get the Twitch Glitch pet.

Among Us Showdown streams

Unfortunately, the Twitch pet promotion isn’t available for mobile users. Players need to have the most up-to-date PC version of the game in order to access the free pet. 

For those who do play on PC, the first step to get your own Twitch Glitch pet is watching at least thirty minutes of Twitch Rivals Among Us Showdown streams. These are streams where you watch other people play the game. 

The Twitch Glitch pet should automatically be available after watching the streams. To access the pet, click “Claim.” This will be located either in the chat panel or in the Drops inventory.

Linking Twitch to Among Us

After claiming the pet, the next step to getting the Twitch Glitch pet is linking a Twitch account to an Among Us account. To do this, open up the Among Us game and click the gear icon to go to settings. Once in settings, go to the data tab. Under that tab, there’s a Twitch Glitch icon in the bottom-right by “Manage Data Collection” and “Privacy Policy”.

The Twitch Glitch icon will redirect you to Twitch and allow you to log in. Once logged in, there’s an option to authorize Among Us Drops.

Go back to Twitch. Allow Twitch to open Among Us. After Twitch sends you back to the game, the pet is supposed to be there and ready to use.

What do players think of the pet?

Twitter users haven’t stayed silent about their experiences getting the Twitch Glitch pet. Some users posted screenshots of their Among Us avatars standing next to their new pets.

Mixed feelings

A lot of Among Us players only have access to the game on mobile. Playing the game on an iOS or Android phone is easy. Some people don’t have access to the right equipment to play on mobile. 

A lot of tweets about Twitch Glitch pets were complaints about how the pets weren’t available to mobile users. Some Twitter users claimed they followed the correct steps to get the pet, but the process didn’t work and they still have no pet. 

Others say they are waiting for more of the Twitch Rival streams to become available so they can have a go at getting one.

New map

Even for those who can’t access the pets, Among Us can continue to feel fresh & exciting in other ways. Players can look forward to a new Among Us map to be released in early 2021 free of charge.  

The new map will give players new areas to explore with their pets and the other players. This will be the fourth map for Among Us and will be another way to keep the game interesting.

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