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'Among Us' is the best multiplayer game of the year and win continue to wow us in 2021 with a new addition of a free to use map.

Get to know the new ‘Among Us’ map coming for free in 2021

The biggest game of 2020 definitely goes to Among Us. This game of deception with The Thing vibes came out of nowhere in 2020, going to new heights thanks to Twitch streamers and YouTubers playing it and bringing it into prominence. With that happening, Among Us has become a favorite free game amongst mobile gamers – with its cute characters, murder mystery plot, and general chaos. 

While there was a sequel in development, that’s been put on hold as Among Us skyrocketed in popularity over these past few months. We’re all bored in quarantine so why not get out our urges in a game that will let us accuse strangers, family, and friends in being impostors? With this popularity, the developers of InnerSloth have decided to add a new map that’s free for Among Us fans to play.

Here’s everything you need to know about it! 

New map, who dis? 

The new map, called Airship, was revealed at The Game Awards on Thursday, December 10. This followed Among Us’s win for best multiplayer title of the year. The cute little animated video released for Airship can be viewed above, if you’re curious. Yes, the Airship is definitely giving you Hellicarrier vibes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a big way. 

This new free Among Us map provides users with some exciting changes to the environment, among other things. Let’s get into the nitty and the gritty of the latest map of Among Us, okay?

New stuff! New stuff! New stuff! 

What does the new Among Us map bring to the table? Several things actually. After meetings are called, you can choose to automatically go to other portions of the airship in order to avoid impostors and grouping up. In addition, there are also levels to the airship as well. Getting to those levels? You don’t need vents to crawl around in, which crewmates can’t do anyway.

There are shortcuts for crewmates to take with floating platforms all around. In addition, there are ladders to climb up or down in order to get to certain places of the airship as well. This definitely makes things trickier for the impostors. Why? Well they definitely have a larger area to explore and will have to devise new tactics for the new Airship map that doesn’t rely on how things were set up on the old maps. 

Finally, there are going to be new tasks to do. Not much is known about them at this time. Based on what you can see in the video? You’re going to be polishing gemstones and trying to get overly full trash bags out of garbage cans. It’s definitely the same sort of maintenance work that we’ve come to expect from Among Us. The Airship map also shows a lot more color and detail, which makes the whole thing look vibrant. 

When is the Among Us map coming out?

InnerSloth didn’t give a precise release date for the map. All they said is that it will be out sometime in “early 2021”. Our best guess? That would be either January or February for the release of the new map. When you get into March? It’s not really “early” anymore, you know? 

Keep an eye on the Among Us Twitter though. The official release date for the new map will probably drop on there first. Definitely prepare for some server blips as well. Everyone is going to want to play the free new Among Us map, which is definitely going to overwhelm the game in a big way. Be sure to make plans. Be sure to have fun. And be sure not to trust anyone. You never know who can be an impostor after all.

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