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Here's how to become the owner of the new Gucci x North Face collaboration line. It's the hottest new fashion line.

Gucci x The North Face: How can you be the owner of their new line?

Back in September, Gucci & The North Face sparked excitement in the fashion world when they released a series of short teaser videos on their Instagram hinting at a collaboration. The clips consisted of scenes in mountainous territories, flags, and camping tents, and was captioned by Gucci’s Instagram page with the simple hashtag: #TheNorthFacexGucci. 

The two brands finally gave the world a deeper look at their long-awaited campaign on Tuesday, and critics & fans alike have been far from disappointed. Gucci has released a video along with a series of images that reveals some pretty gorgeous & nostalgically-adventurous looks. 

The companies’ release of their collection couldn’t have come at a more perfect time after a long & grueling year of the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the world into quarantine & socially distancing from their loved ones. With the hopeful news of the vaccine though, the next year looks a bit more promising, and the new Gucci x The North Face collection assures us of this.

Gucci x The North Face

Gucci and The North Face’s new collection offers a sense of blissful escapism, taking fans on a glamorous camping excursion with a nostalgic style reminiscent of the 1970’s. It’s like a breath of fresh air for the world a long release after being cooped inside for the majority of such a horrendous year. 

Images, along with the brand new video directed & photographed by Daniel Shea, showcase a variety of clothes, shoes, and bags in funky patterns & bright colors. The new collection ranges from poofy puffer jackets, large backpacks, dresses, flashy sunglasses, and plenty more. There are even a pair of chunky & sturdy leather hiking boots with a mix of both Gucci & The North Face’s logos donned on them. 

The new collection will even offer sleeping bags & tents, with the promotional video showing models walking out of a large tent decorated with funky designs of the campaign’s official logo patterned all over. The advertisement also shows models doing various camping activities such as hiking, canoeing, sharing camping snacks, and setting up tents.

The video description posted onto Gucci’s YouTube page explains the video was shot in the great outdoors of Europe in the Alps. Gucci wrote: “The forests and peaks of the region form a vast and breathtaking scenic backdrop to the imagery, capturing colorful, candid moments of group activity reminiscent of holiday snaps.” 

“The campaign’s atmosphere evokes the aesthetic of the 70s, when The North Face was a thriving outdoor retailer based in Berkeley, California and shared a factory and storefront adjacent to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s practice studio—whose iconic song ‘Bad Moon Rising’ is featured throughout the video campaign.” 

When will the collection be available? 

If you’re already more prepared than ever to purchase the new collection and head out for your next camping trip, Gucci also announced the release dates along with the new media promos. 

Gucci stated in their video description: “The collection will launch in #GucciPins in China from December 29, touching down around the world in the first weeks of January. Beginning December 23, enter a special draw online for early access in some countries to the collection on,” The Gucci x The North Face special draw will give winners early online access to the collection, and can be entered on Gucci’s website. 

Highsnobiety specified that the collection will drop in Selfridges London on January 4th in specific Gucci stores around Berlin, Paris, Milan, and London on January 9th, and then be available for purchase online on both Gucci & The North Face beginning January 22nd. 

What do you think about the new Gucci x The North Face collaboration? Will you be purchasing anything from the collection, and if so, which items? Let us know in the comments. 

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