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Becoming a movie producer might be less glamorous, but pays off – arguably the perfect all-rounder for anyone with an interest in the big screen.

Apply today! US film and TV companies currently hiring

Whether you’re out there enjoying this insane heatwave, or you’re pretty much melting Wizard of Oz style, you’re no doubt looking for something to do this summer. Possibly something to help you earn some extra dollar and get your foot in the big ole door of the film & TV world. Well, Film Daily is here to help – if you’re looking for some summer employment, here are some of the best companies that are currently hiring:


That’s right – it’s very possible to work for the biggest streaming service in the world right now. If you’re in the LA area, it’s looking for production counsel for its feature films, and Netflix could be right up your street (quite literally too) if you’re hoping to work on its original movies. You never know – your name could be in the opening credits of the next Okja!

Entertainment One

One of the biggest film production companies in the world is looking for the ideal physical producer for its film productions. As announced in the job advert: “In this key role you will supervise overall film production needs and provide the day-to-day production and financial management for the wide range of productions that are on the eOne slate. Fantastic opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an up-and-coming company surrounded by a great team.’’ We couldn’t put it better ourselves.


Another big film company is looking for interns! The Pantelion Production and Development team is seeking an intern to work on script reading, which sounds incredibly exciting and would be a great start to what could be a long-term employment with these guys.

Warner Bros.

Good with sound? Warner Bros. is currently looking for a senior sounds engineer, which sounds like a solid opportunity for those who have the experience and want to get involved with a major studio.

HBO Sports

With this role you’ll be working as an assistant to help with scheduling, marketing assistance, and even overseeing the signing of gloves for many of the fighting shows. You’ll need a lot of experience, but if you got the job, just imagine how cool it’d be to say you work for the biggest TV network in the world!

Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman

Founded in 1967, this company helps a lot of talent out there with its business management expertise. Working alongside managers, attorneys, and agents, the organization provides services to all different kinds of creatives, and at the moment it’s looking for a film & TV participations auditor. Perfect if you’re looking to break into the business of talent management.


If you’re based in Dallas, Texas, and you just so happen to be very tech-savvy with audio and video, TradeSTAR is looking for a lead technician. Ideally, the candidate with have experience as an A/V installation professional for schools, healthcare industries, or local government. It’s not directly related to film and TV work, but it’s definitely useful experience and one to add to the resume.

Player One Trailers

Fluent in video production skills? Player One Trailers needs someone to help create the most exciting and jaw-dropping trailers out there. Specializing in video game trailers specifically, there’s no reason that this position won’t lead on to bigger and better things.

Running Pony

A video editor is needed for this role, and only the best will do for Running Pony. If you’re based in Memphis, Tennessee, and think you’ve got the talent to produce some flawless material for these guys, then you’re looking in the right place.


This company – based in Los Alamitos, California – is seeking a senior film production engineer. As the job description states, the ideal candidate must be good at “all major areas of production and visual storytelling.” This is without a doubt an important role – if you believe you have what it takes, this could be the perfect job for you.


Dagger puts you in charge of your video production duties. Creating content for the company, you’ll plan, shoot, and develop your films with full control. Dagger is not picky either and is excited to meet potential applicants, whatever their experience. Get stuck in!

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