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Throwing a Batarang through the movie press today is the news stating Joss Whedon has left DC’s upcoming 'Batgirl' movie. Whedon was slated to direct the film, which

Please imagine the following statement accompanied by an awkward, Mumblecore-style ditty played on a small keyboard or ukelele – the Duplass Brothers have landed a four-movie deal with

With rumors flying about that Danny Boyle is high on the list to direct the currently untitled 25th 'James Bond' flick, IndieWire explained why he would be a

Released on February 26 1988, after a small premiere in Baltimore a week earlier, John Waters’s 'Hairspray' jived into the cultural consciousness. In the 30 years since the

According to a recent study, filming in Tinseltown has hit a five-year low. Following on from our investigation into why filmmakers are fleeing City of Angels for greener

Grey’s Anatomy alumna Katherine Heigl is joining USA Networks’s long-running drama Suits, while the show says farewell to two of its original cast members for the eighth season.

In honor of Netflix’s latest sci-fi series Altered Carbon premiering on Friday, we thought it was about time to share some other must-see sci-fi shows and movies coming

Since the dawn of cinema, films and TV have transported us to other worlds and other times. Now, technological advancement is allowing viewers to immerse themselves deeper into

From Duncan Jones’ ‘Mute’ to ‘The Other Side of the Wind’, Orson Welles’ unfinished masterpiece, these are the 15 Netflix Original movies to look forward to in 2018.