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Three years ago, Jerusalem Cinematheque set out a plan to restore and preserve more than 30,000 Israeli films within its archive. Today the immense project continues, as the

So you’re working on your passion projects (film / screenplay / documentary / score) and having a ball. But between this project and your day job (even if

Scope creep? Say what? Scope creep is a term, made famous by software development teams, that describes a situation where the a project’s delimitation leaks outside its original boundaries. With

Skull Island (Warner Brothers) on general release now Skull Island was panned by critics even in the development stage. Watching the trailer, it’s easy to understand why. If you

Game of Thrones mania HBO has announced that Game of Thrones will return on Sunday, July 16 for its seventh season. The ensemble cast will star in seven episodes

Rashida Jones takes aim at Hollywood’s sexist attitudes towards female directors Rashida Jones knows the challenges of being a female director – she’s helmed the Netflix documentary Hot Girls

Super Bowl LI commenced on Sunday with President Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban looming large over the proceedings. Audiences across the nation tuned in and wondered what to

Today we consider the Hollywood awards season. Every year, celebs gather to stage  star-studded shows where the industry pats itself on the back for its achievements, as all