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Disney is about to blow Hollywood asunder as it awakens the force and releases Star Wars: The Last Jedi upon the masses, and that’s without factoring into account

Disney and Lucasfilm lining up Stephen Daldry to direct Kenobi It’s no secret that Disney is currently prepping Kenobi, a Star Wars spin-off anthology series following the character Obi-Wan

Hollywood is in a state of flux, crisis, and catastrophe right now with the Weinstein scandal having opened a can of worms upon the entire industry. Lena Dunham

There’s tons upon tons of stuff gettin’ revved up and ready to roll out across film and TV. Disney, not happy with owning the box office, is preparing

Kristen Bell to become first-ever host of Screen Actors Guild Awards Kristen Bell, star of the fabulous The Good Place and Veronica Mars, has been selected as the first-ever

Three years ago, Jerusalem Cinematheque set out a plan to restore and preserve more than 30,000 Israeli films within its archive. Today the immense project continues, as the

So you’re working on your passion projects (film / screenplay / documentary / score) and having a ball. But between this project and your day job (even if

Scope creep? Say what? Scope creep is a term, made famous by software development teams, that describes a situation where the a project’s delimitation leaks outside its original boundaries. With