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A police detective reconnects with people from an undercover assignment in her distant past in order to make peace in 'Destroyer'.

A masked serial killer turns a horror-themed amusement park into his own personal playground in 'Hell Fest'.

An American submarine captain teams with U.S. Navy Seals to rescue the Russian president, who has been kidnapped by a rogue general in 'Hunter Killer'.

A submarine Captain in the Arctic discovers a secret Russian coup and must now rescue the Russian president and stop WWIII in 'Hunter Killer'.

A young couple must navigate a blossoming romance amidst a war between their families' competing pizza restaurants in 'Little Italy'.

When the old demo of a hit record surfaces, its release leads to an obsessive fan's life-changing encounter with the rocker in 'Juliet, Naked'.

Two friends are thrust into a conspiracy throughout Europe when an ex shows up with a team of deadly assassins on his trail in 'The Spy Who Dumped

Our indie movie of the day is 'Driven', which will hold its west coast premiere at Dances With Films on Saturday the 15th of July at 7:30pm.

Streaming sites as a whole are booking more Latino actors and also offering a wider range of Latinx content.