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Running out of things to do while quarantining? Get ready to craft some ingenious space doohickeys with the help of this creative guide!

To infinity and beyond: These space-themed crafts are out of this world

There’s never been a better time to learn new crafts. As we’re all stuck inside indefinitely, the idea of honing our inner children and getting our hands messy with glitter is admittedly pretty exciting. Here are some of the most fun space-themed crafts you can indulge in today.

Galaxy Snowglobe

When you were a kid, did you ever pick up a snowglobe and wonder what was inside that made all that magic happen? Well, now’s your chance to learn. All you’ll need to build your very own is a snow globe, distilled water, food coloring, silver glitter, silver star confetti, and baby oil.

To make your very own galaxy snow globe, first add food coloring to water until you get your perfect color. Then, fill the globe halfway with baby oil, and add some glitter and stars. After that, fill the globe to the top with colored water, close the lid, and shake to watch the magic happen!

Recycled CD Planet

Wanna make your very own planet? Now is your chance. All you’ll need for this craft is a four-inch styrofoam ball, paint of your desired color, a toothpick, an old CD or DVD, and some hot glue. 

First, cut the styrofoam ball in half, and then go wild with paint. Once it’s dried, hot glue the CD on the bottom of the top half of the planet, and then stick the toothpick in the middle, and glue on the bottom half. Voila! Wasn’t that easy?!

Moon rocks

When it comes to space crafts, you can’t really get much cooler than Moon Rocks. These awesome rocks make great decorations, and will probably have your friends rolling with jealousy. Plus, they’re super easy to make. 

All you’ll need for this craft is 4 cups of baking soda, ¼ cup of water, gold & silver glitter, and black food coloring. In a plastic bin, mix together the baking soda and water, then add some (a lot of) glitter and food coloring, then stir. Once it’s stirred, mold the sand into rocks, and boom!


Paper Plate UFO

Do you believe in aliens? Channel that energy into your next craft, a paper plate UFO. It’s super easy to make, and will make an awesome decoration for life. To make one, you’ll need two paper plates, two glow sticks, one clear solo cup (or Hans Solo cup . . .), one piece of construction paper, two googly eyes, scissors, glue (or a stapler or tape will do!)

First, cut a hole in the middle of a plate. Then, cut out your very own alien shape on your construction paper. Then, add the glow sticks and glue/staple/tape the plates together. Once you’ve done that, you’re gonna want to add your new alien friend to the UFO, and glue your solo cup on top of it.

Mobile Craft

Do you have a little kid who would enjoy watching planets float over them as they fall asleep? Or would you enjoy watching planets float over you as you fall asleep? You’re in luck – mobiles are totally easy to make, and you can put your own personal touch on it!

For this project, you’ll need paper, crayons, pom-poms, glue, a needle, thread, sequins, scissors, a pencil, and a wooden dowel. If you have a Cricut cutting machine bundle, you can use that to cut out the pieces of the mobile instead.

First, on a sheet of paper, draw some colorful patterns with crayons. Get creative with it! They can look like planets, or they can just be random patterns. Copy your art on the front & back of the paper. Then, cut out your shapes and snip halfway through each circle. Then fit two circles together in the slits.

Cut a piece of floss for each planet, and attach the end of each string to the fold of each planet using glue. Then, arrange your planets on the dowel. Adjust the lengths of the strings until it looks like the mobile of your dreams. Finally, hang it from a wall or ceiling hook. 

With new COVID lockdown regulations in place, it’s more important than ever to keep busy indoors and to decorate your space! And what better way to do that than indulging in some out-of-this-world space crafts?! If you give any a try, be sure to tweet us a pic @FilmDaily in Twitter, or let us know how it went in the comments!

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