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Bring the magic in our ‘Shadowhunters’ Magnus Bane quiz

Celebrate the magical warlock Magnus Bane from 'Shadowhunters' in our new quiz. Do you stan? Put your knowledge to the test!

Bring the magic in our ‘Shadowhunters’ Magnus Bane quiz

Magnus Bane is our very favorite warlock from Shadowhunters. Harry Shum Jr. portrayed the vibrant and hilarious warlock for three seasons filled with magic. We at Film Daily dedicate this quiz to the most magical character from Shadowhunters – the High Warlock of Brooklyn!

Without Magnus, the Shadowhunters would not be able to complete missions or save everyone. Magnus deserves a shoutout – and here it is! Shadowhunters would not be complete without Magnus and his fabulous flair. 

Magnus not only helped Alec become who he is, but everyone else around him. Magnus Bane on his own is an underrated character from Shadowhunters, and we’re here to change that.

Be sure to tweet us your score @FilmDailyNews and let us know your favorite magical Magnus Bane moment.

Celebrate the wonderful warlock with our ‘Shadowhunters’ Magnus Bane quiz

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